We Get Pharmacists Jobs They Love

Pharmacists, it’s time for a change. You yearn for a new job that offers work-life balance, more confidence, and time to enjoy with your loved ones. But there are often obstacles in your way. Imposter syndrome, pharmacy leaders, big pharmacy chains, profit-focused metrics driven by non-pharmacists, and state boards create oppressive and neglectful environments that leave you feeling undervalued.

At The Happy PharmD, we understand your struggles because we’ve been there. We’ve experienced burnout and felt trapped in the same way. But we found a way out, and we’re here to guide you to your transformation. With over 150 years of combined pharmacy expertise and 40+ years of career coach experience on our team, we have the authority to help you navigate this journey.

Let us provide you with a plan. Together, we’ll overcome the fear of failure and imposter syndrome. Book a call with a Career Advisor who will provide the guidance you need. Gain clarity about where you’re going and receive a roadmap on how to get there. We’ll equip you with the systems and strategies to achieve the results you desire.

Don’t hesitate. Take action now. Book a call with a Career Advisor who will be your trusted guide. And remember, we have transitional resources like books, webinars, and courses available to support your journey.

By engaging with The Happy PharmD, you’ll regain your confidence, find a job you love, achieve work-life balance, and develop versatile skills. You’ll expand your network, improve your interview and writing skills, and enhance your negotiation abilities. But beware, failure to take action may result in stagnant progress, frustration, burnout, and perpetuating the cycle of job searching.

Your future is in your hands. Book a call with a Career Advisor today and let us help you unlock your true potential.


Here are your HPD Coaches, resolved to help you become indispensable.

Alex Barker

Alex Barker helps pharmacists create fulfilling careers and lives. For a time, he was a burned-out clinical pharmacy specialist. Now, he is the Founder and Head Coach at TheHappyPharmD.com where, alongside his team, he creates classes to help over 750 pharmacists find and create new career paths. 

He recently published the book Indispensable: The Prescription for a Fulfilling Pharmacy Career. 

The Happy PharmD’s goal is to help 500 pharmacists transition into new jobs by January 1st, 2022. 

When he’s not working with pharmacists, he spends time with his wife, Megan and two lovely girls, Izzie and Addie.

Jackie Boyle

Jackie Boyle helps pharmacists and students live a life by their own design. 

In her day job, she is involved in academia, ambulatory care, and professional organizations. At The Happy PharmD, she helps coach pharmacists, residents, and students to discover their goals based on their own personal values. 

She recently launched a company called Synerji, LLC which aims to provide telehealth services and workforce development solutions for pharmacists in a changing healthcare landscape. 

When she’s not working, she is spending time with her husband, Paul, and daughter, Gianna.

Sandeep Chakrabarty

Sandeep Chakrabarty is an energetic, inspirational, and accomplished leader and pharmacist.   His unique pharmacy career has taken him from 10 years of retail pharmacy to an Associate Director position working with marketing teams in Big Pharma.  

In his past career as a Pharmacy District Manager, he enjoyed coaching and developing his team to reach their fullest potential where he promoted over 15 direct reports to higher roles.  He joins Alex’s team looking to do the same for pharmacists who are looking to maximize their potential to achieve career goals.

In his spare time, Sandeep loves to travel to destinations all over the world with his family.

Tracy Dabbs

Tracy attended pharmacy school and practiced as a retail pharmacist after graduation for 10 years.

Extremely frustrated with the way her career was going, she hired Alex as a coach. Seeing an opportunity in emergency preparedness with public health, she took a chance and was hired for the job without prior experience. 

Tracy is now a preceptor for a pharmacy school as well, helping guide students to their future career goals and lending them her knowledge and skills. She works alongside The Happy PharmD, encouraging others towards future success. 

She enjoys book clubs, traveling, hanging out with her new puppy and that crazy Canadian sport of curling.

Julie Kidd

Julie Kidd is passionate about elevating the profession of pharmacy and utilizing pharmacists’ skills and knowledge to help patients. She has had a wide range of experience during her pharmacy career including hospital pharmacy, academia, and ambulatory care. She currently works on a multi-disciplinary team to care for patients living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

She is currently studying Integrative Medicine in order to treat patients as holistically as possible to maximize their health outcomes. She loves connecting with other pharmacists and exploring non-traditional ideas of how to create new services for pharmacists.

At The Happy PharmD, she helps coach pharmacists who are dedicated to understanding what they value in life and seeking that in their career.

While not at work, she loves spending time with her husband and two sons as well as biking, yoga, and hiking.

Laura Licari

Laura is living out her dream of working in academia (without a residency!) and striving to motivate the future of pharmacy.

She previously worked for a grocery store chain in Chicagoland, moved over to specialty pharmacy, next joined the corporate side, and finally has been an Assistant Professor for the last 2 years. She also had the honor as serving as the 7th woman president of the Illinois Pharmacists Association, and grateful for the opportunities to advocate for pharmacy on local, state and national levels.

A newer pursuit for Laura is the practice of mindfulness meditation, which plays an important part in her enthusiasm for life. She believes in there is individual potential in everyone and will promise to be excited through your next journey of professional development.

She relies too much on take-out and the cooking of her partner Mike, but keeps telling herself one day she will learn to be a better chef!

Nazan Artun

Nazan is a pharmacy PhD, career coach, consultant, and singer-songwriter-guitarist. She holds a doctoral degree in Biotechnology with a focus on Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics and Personalized Medicine.

Four years after immigrating to the United States from her hometown of Ankara, Turkey, Nazan became a board-certified pharmacist in the state of Massachusetts. She has a plethora of diverse experiences from establishing hospital pharmacy departments to working in the matrix environments of the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research, and academia. As well as teaching and presenting widely, she has authored numerous scientific publications.

In order to fulfill her imaginative and creative side, she turned to the arts and dedicated another huge part of her life to pursue a parallel career in music. As a multi-award-winning songwriter, performer and founder of the Neotolia Fusion Jazz Band (www.neotolia.com), she has inspired and entertained people from all walks of life the world over, and takes pride in mentoring future performers.

Her coaching career is the outcome of years of experience in self-development, mindfulness, mentoring and communication. Her inquisitive nature and her love of problem-solving helps her recognize opportunities for improvement in others.

Anne Nguyen

Anne Nguyen is an energetic and passionate pharmacy leader who wants to advance the profession of pharmacy forward. She has had a wide range of experience during her pharmacy career including community independent pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy leadership, and academia as an adjunct faculty. She is currently working as a pharmacy manager at a hospital, overseeing and assisting with operational and clinical initiatives.

At the Happy PharmD, she wants to integrate her passion for pharmacy, mindfulness (been practicing meditation since 2007) and leadership acumen to mindfully empower pharmacists to win in their career journey and financial health while leading a meaningful life.

Her philosophy is to do what you love, love what you do, and pay it forward. Her vision in life is to be a versatile individual to catalyze positive changes and create a lasting legacy by inspiring the transformations of humanity.

In her free time, she loves to do outdoor activities, travelling, blogging, and spending time with her loved ones. She has a travel goal of visiting 50 international cities, 50 national parks and 50% of the US by age 50.

John (Chris) Baechle

Chris Baechle is a compassionate and driven pharmacist working to help fellow pharmacists find a way into a pharmacy role that provides both a sense of meaning and enjoyment both professionally and personally.

In the past, Chris was a retail pharmacist and quickly discovered it wasn’t for him and decided to do something about it. After hiring Alex as a coach, he was able to find a position in specialty pharmacy. He loves speaking with other pharmacists and health professionals to learn about what potential opportunities may be out there for them and to help others determine where their dream career may be.

At the Happy PharmD, Chris is a pharmacy coach and also co-host of the Happy PharmD podcast with Alex.

During his spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Irina and daughter, Eloise. He also enjoys playing golf, running and traveling whenever possible with his family.

Janan Sarwar

Janan is a self-motivated and driven pharmacy professional with a passion for technology, learning, and pharmacy education. 

With a background in community pharmacy and fellowship training in educational technology, she has spent the majority of her pharmacy career in association management. She leveraged her skills to enter a unique position where she is able to advance the profession of pharmacy by creating engaging resources for pharmacists and technicians.  

In her role as a career coach at the Happy PharmD, she hopes to share her enthusiasm for professional and personal development to connect fellow pharmacists with fulfilling opportunities in pharmacy.  

Janan resides in Louisville, KY with her pharmacist husband and three young daughters where she enjoys to cook, spend time in nature, and craft.

Lynsie Wokasch

Lynsie is a wife, a mother, a Christian, and a pharmacist  born and raised in North Carolina where y’all is a proper noun. 

At the age of 16, Lynsie decided she wanted to be a pharmacist and has enjoyed a career in pharmacy for the past 20+ years. During her career in pharmacy, she has been a pharmacy technician, certified pharmacy technician, pharmacy intern, graduate pharmacist intern, staff pharmacist, pharmacy manager, pharmacy supervisor, district leader, and consultant pharmacist. 

Lynsie fell in love with retail pharmacy in pharmacy school and had a very successful career with CVS for 13 years. In October 2019, she made the brave decision to leave retail pharmacy and chose to explore a different pharmacy path.  She is currently a pharmacist in Long Term Care working with assisted and skilled living facilities to provide the best care for geriatric patients. 

 Lynsie has worked with the best pharmacists over her career: teachers, mentors, mentees, peers, interns, and friends; and believes that pharmacists provide value in all areas of healthcare and are still “the most trusted professionals”