What is Career Coaching?

Break the unknown and the isolation.

Imagine if you had someone who knew all the career paths in pharmacy to choose from and could guide you through the steps to get you the interviews to companies you crave?

You CAN transition into a pharmacy career you will love, and a career coach has the secrets to get you there.

A coach helps you transition from:

  • Hopeless to empowered
  • Stuck to confident
  • Spinning wheels to having a clear roadmap to your next step. 

A coach also: 

  • Navigates you in through the job market 
  • Guides you through a strategy to transition successfully 
  • Helps you create meaningful connections that will help your next job find you vs. you hunting for it
  • Unleashes your true potential and helps you get out of your own way
  • Holds you accountable for taking action and helps you make real change happen
  • Unlocks your greatness so you aren’t hiding behind any facade 
  • Moves you past the self-limiting beliefs that are making you feel stuck

All Olympic athletes use coaching to maximize performance and increase success. Competing without a coach is destined for lackluster results. You can utilize a career coach to achieve maximum potential with your career.

Happy Coaching

Our Happy Coaches help you build a new pharmacy career that you will love by guiding you through our coaching method, the Indispensable Career Model. To do that, we offer a variety of coaching systems to help meet you where you are. Whether it’s presentations, self-paced courses, or matching you with a Happy Career Coach in a group or with one-on-one program. 

When coaching in a group or one-on-one, this dedicated time helps you unlock your potential to maximize your own performance and clearly define the necessary pillars you need to work on to find your indispensable pharmacy career.

Indispensable Coaching Method™

Learn our exact system on how to help you not just get a better job, but how to create an Indispensable Career, where your next opportunities seek you.


One-on-One Coaching

For the pharmacist who wants results fast, work with a Happy Coach in private one-on-one sessions leading you through the Indispensable Career Model™. Receive lifetime access to Growth Training Portal, Private Community, and special bonus content.

7 – 60-minutes Sessions

Group Coaching

Join other committed pharmacists in six group sessions led by a Happy Coach, leading you through our Indispensable Career Model™. Receive lifetime access to Growth Training Portal, Private Community, and special bonus content.

6 – 60-minute Sessions
Up to 6 Members Per Group

Career Jumpstart Master Class

Geared to help discover and choose a new career path, position yourself as a top candidate, confidently network with job-referring contacts, and leverage time for your job search.

Bonus Features Included!

Start Your Indispensable Career Journey Today!

Not sure where to start or what you need to get a better job and career? By completing The Happy PharmD Career Assessment you will be connected with a Happy PharmD Career Advisor to help you choose a coaching program based on your skills, interests, and passions, find jobs that match your uniqueness, and become a top candidate.


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