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Not sure where to start or what you need to get a better job and career? By completing The Happy PharmD Career Assessment you will be connected with a Happy PharmD Career Advisor to help you choose a coaching program based on your skills, interests, and passions, find jobs that match your uniqueness, and become a top candidate.


    What People Are Saying

    I got to a point where I was just ready to quit…

    “It was affecting my physical and mental health. I would tell my husband, “I don’t know what I want to do but it’s not this. It’s not what I wanted to do when I thought of being a pharmacist.

    I looked at other coaching programs and this is the only one I found which has pharmacists helping pharmacists.

    The program was literally life-changing. I work from home now and I love it. I have better work-life balance, I don’t dread going to work anymore, I now have a lot more time with my husband and actually be a happy human!”

    Kelsa Benzing


    Anyone who’s in search of some direction, seek out coaching…

    “I was pretty miserable. It became not worth it to me anymore so I left that job and I didn’t have a plan. I found The Happy PharmD and got that surge of motivation to do something. It was so good for getting my mind right, I needed that mindset shift.

    The support of a coach who can identify with your journey, give you tools, and put you in that right mindset to make it happen…anyone can benefit from it.”

    Kelsa Benzing


    I was afraid of being rejected.

    I was not happy with my job, every day was a battle.

    Chris helped me change focus: to improve myself rather than escape my current situation. The entire coaching program was very well structured and I really liked how my coach was always available when I needed help.

    Just having a coach was a very, very healthy way to vent out your strength and refocus your direction. He was always an accountable partner.

    Yustina Hong