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Imran Shaikh, PharmD

From Retail to Pharma

Trust the process...

I was sending applications all over the place but the only word that comes to mind when people ask me how I felt during my initial job search is: hopeless. It was brutal. It brought down my quality of life to the point where I started to seek mentorship.

I used the salary negotiation tactics from The Happy PharmD and working with a coach put me in a spot where I wouldn't have been if I were just on job search by myself.

I ended up looking at Pharma companies and they offered me a full-time associate position.

You have to really want something for coaching to even be of any use to you. Trust the process and trust yourself.

Sam An, PharmD

Independent Pharmacist to LTC

Nothing's ever going to change unless you start to make that change in yourself....

I wasn't happy, I feel like something's got to change. I would dread going to work every day but decided to take a more active role in changing my circumstances.

I realized things about myself that I had never thought about in a structured way before.

Now I'm working in managed care -- the things that I was always best at in my previous job, I now get to do the entire time without any of the stresses of management.

Don't think that you can do it on your own. Take an active role in enacting the change you want to see because you can sit on the sidelines and just complain but nothing's ever going to get done.

Michelle Ndiulor, PharmD

From Outpatient Health System to Academia

I wanted to find a place where I can reignite my passion...

I came across The Happy PharmD and was inspired by their efforts to help pharmacists find the best version of themselves. So I reached out and it really helped me put a spark in my career again.

I got paired with a coach who was amazing because her expertise was extensive. She was able to bring a lot of insight into what academia is all about and has been a huge cheerleader in the background.

It's been really exciting. I was able to move and am now closer to my family and loved ones.

Think of coaching as an investment...

I used to work in one of the big retail pharmacies and it was very stressful and demanding. Right before COVID, I lost my job and what I have been doing wasn't obviously working as it's been a year since then.

I went into coaching with an open mind and from the very beginning, felt a connection with my coach. She was there to dig into the process of what I needed to do, she was very motivating, uplifting and inspirational...exactly what I needed at that time.

If you're thinking about coaching, definitely go ahead and do it. Think of it as an investment because it's definitely worth it.

David Kingsbury, PharmD

You always gain from coaching. It will always take you to that next level...

Trying to do it on your own is often a recipe for disaster because you have no one to bounce ideas off. With a coach, you can discuss barriers and solutions.

I recognized that I was not going to get from point A to point B without someone guiding and helping me through the process.

There is substantial benefits, not only to the business but also personal development. 

Erika Gray, PharmD

Business Coaching

Keep the hope!

My previous position was unbelievably stressful and had kind-of caused me a nervous breakdown. When The Happy PharmD came in, it boosted my confidence and kept a mindset going to get where I'm where I am today -- in a better place.

The biggest takeaway is never stop plugging away, don't do it alone, lean on your fellow pharmacists and keep the hope.

Carl Muckerheide, PharmD

I can't say enough great things about it...

Being a sole proprietor of a pharmacy, I felt like I was never home and it was all-consuming so I wanted to transition my role back into industry as a medical liaison. But because I was out of the industry for so many years, I didn't think it would be that easy.

I honestly feel like if it weren't for The Happy PharmD, I would not have been able to transition this seamlessly and find the fit that I did during COVID.

AnnMarie Graziadio, PharmD

Pharmacist to Senior Medical Science Liaison

John Stapf, PharmD

Retail to Operations

Figuring out what you're passionate about

With this new job I’m still learning but it’s such a huge step up, it’s a challenge and that’s what I thrive on, it gives me that purpose throughout the day.  Coaching is an investment but the focus is on making you happier, finding you something that fits you better.

Rosanna Sutherby, PharmD

Retail to Medical Writing

After coaching I have a lot more confidence

I feel like I have something to spring from now, I have momentum.  If you want a mentor get someone who is doing what you want to do, they can point you in the right direction and it can really speed things up.

Marissa McInnis,


Retail to Inpatient (No Residency)

Keep striving to not settle

After completing the class I got not only career improvements but overall improvements in my life. I’ve gained more of a positive attitude and outlook to see where I can go with this.

I was tired of doing the same thing for 11 years...

I felt like I was ready for a change. Now, I do pharmacogenomic coaching and functional wellness program implementation. I am working more that I have in my entire life but I love it. I know I am building something's amazing!

Jamie WilkeyPharmD

Physician Liaison to Pharmacogenomic Coaching and Functional Wellness Program Implementation

Anyone who's in search of some direction, seek out coaching...

I was pretty miserable. It became not worth it to me anymore so I left that job and I didn't have a plan. I found The Happy PharmD and got that surge of motivation to do something. It was so good for getting my mind right, I needed that mindset shift.

The support of a coach who can identify with your journey, give you tools, and put you in that right mindset to make it happen...anyone can benefit from it.

Lindsey PalmerPharmD

Retail to Functional Medicine

I was afraid of being rejected.

I was not happy with my job, every day was a battle.

Chris helped me change focus: to improve myself rather than escape my current situation. The entire coaching program was very well structured and I really liked how my coach was always available when I needed help.

Just having a coach was a very, very healthy way to vent out your strength and refocus your direction. He was always an accountable partner.

Yustina Hong, PharmD

Retail to Residency

I got to a point where I was just ready to quit...

It was affecting my physical and mental health. I would tell my husband, "I don't know what I want to do but it's not this. It's not what I wanted to do when I thought of being a pharmacist.

I looked at other coaching programs and this is the only one I found which has pharmacists helping pharmacists.

The program was literally life-changing. I work from home now and I love it. I have better work-life balance, I don't dread going to work anymore, I now have a lot more time with my husband and actually be a happy human!

Kelsa BenzingPharmD

Retail to Oncology Specialty

Yvonne Agyekum, PharmD

Retail to Long Term Care

My happiness factor shot through the roof

Working with a coach you get accountability, you get people who want to help you, you get insight from other pharmacists.  There are other opportunities out there, you just have to take that next step. You’re going to learn so much more than just putting out applications with no help. Go for it, make that investment!

Timothy Ulbrich, PharmD

Asst Dean to Entrepreneur!

The learning experience has been incredible.

Most important takeaway is don’t underestimate the power of a coach to keep you accountable, somebody that is knowledgeable and can give you feedback, who asks really good critical questions that make you think on your own. The end product is always better if you’re patient to go through that process and get some feedback, and be open to that feedback.

Learn more about Tim's Story by clicking this link.

Miriam OparaPharmD

Retail to Medical Writing

Medical Writing is now my chosen career path

Family life is easier doing Medical Writing, it’s very mobile. Medical writing is also a great side hustle, you can do it from home on your own time. You stay really current on all topics, you don’t lose any knowledge you learned in school. I’m excited to see what it can turn into!

I was a place in my career that I felt burnt out doing the same work for four years..

I was having problems getting traction. The biggest thing that was really helpful to me in setting me up for success was learning what I am good at, what motivates me about my work, and what I want to do then finding roles that fit that. I don't think it was something that I would have done on my own.

Bryant CaryPharmD

Pharmacist to Pharmacy Performance Manager

Put yourself in the best possible place to get that position...

People who come to The Happy PharmD don't have to be unhappy with their job. Maybe they want to be more involved with the organization, they want to start a side hustle, or just want to get promoted. It's putting yourself in the best possible place to get that position.

Milena MurrayPharmD

Clinical Pharmacist to Medical Writing

I've had it... 

I was tired of dealing with prices, reimbursement, staffing issues, HR name it.

When I learned about the people that The Happy PharmD had helped, it seemed like the logical place to go. About a week ago, I got a position that will enable me to transition into academia: a part-time teacher at a community college teaching pharmacy technicians. I start in two weeks!

I'm thrilled to death to be able to use my education and knowledge and be able to help people the way I've always wanted to without all of the red tape that goes along with being in a community pharmacy.

Juli SanchezPharmD

Pharmacist to Academia

Enough of this...

That pivotal point where I said, enough of this, was when I realized that I needed to get to the frame of mind needed to take the next step.

I know I want it to happen but I don't know how to get there, and coaching was that natural progression that gave me that focus that I needed to make that happen.

Ann Marie MohanPharmD

Retail to Market Access Strategy

Change is possible...

I came across the HappyPharmD and Alex's book, Indispensable, and once I listened to the audiobook, I believed that change was possible.

That was really the one thing that hit home -- the belief that change is possible.

Konjit ZenaPharmD

Senior Medical Information Associate to Medical Information Operation Specialist

Rachel Prescott, PharmD

From Retail to Community Care

I have a lot more job satisfaction

I saw coaching as an investment in continuing in pharmacy, and I loved that it was a pharmacist that was doing the coaching.  Sometimes you need a coach in your corner to tell you you’ve got it.

Shama Patel, PharmD

From Compounding to Medical Affairs

I have my spark back

I knew I was meant to continue helping people and now at my new job I have a smile on my face every day. You have to have patience with the coaching process, you're going to learn something from it no matter what!

Rineil Perez, PharmD

From CVS to Outpatient Specialty

Gave me confidence to pursue any new challenge

Sometimes we’ll quit reaching for a tough goal when no-one’s watching, but if you have a coach you have someone to hold you accountable and at the same time redirect you so you don’t allow yourself to fail.

It's a whole new different world....

I got to the point where I asked, what else can I do? So I started to apply to different jobs but realized I wasn't successful in getting one.

So I went through the program, beefed up my resume and we talked about interview skills. I wasn't on LinkedIn at all, that is where I found my current job, so that was something I learned a lot about.

Being a pharmacist, you can be stuck with your hours. My new job just took all that off my shoulders. I now have the flexibility, I can get my opinions in...I really like that a lot. It's a whole new different world.

David SteinbergPharmD

Licensed Consultant Pharmacist to Director of Pharmacy Insights

I learned a LOT from the program...

One thing that the course can do is help people find who they are as a person -- are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you like research or academia? Finding where do you fall in.

The thing that I've learned through the whole thing is that you take personal responsibility for your mistakes. You learn about who you were and who you want to become. The tips and the guides through the program on how to get through all that have helped me.

Neal HanselPharmD

I felt very supportive the whole way through...

The Happy PharmD opened my eyes to the other avenues of pharmacy that I really hadn't thought about and approaching things from another angle of thinking -- that was the biggest point.

I really enjoyed my time with HPD, Jackie was very supportive. I probably sent her a million drops a day and she was happy to look over and get it back to me. I just felt very supportive the whole way through.

Taylor LucicPharmD

Staff Pharmacist to Poison Information Specialist

I want to tell everybody that coaching had been such a wonderful experience...

I felt trapped, like there was no way that I could leave because of what it can do to our finances. So there I am with my headphones, listening to this podcast, crying in the dark. I had to make a change, I can't wait for things to get better.

I've learned a lot about myself and what I want and don't want. I'm very happy with how things turned out. I didn't know that I would be where I am right now but I'm happy that I'm here.

Melissa TurnerPharmD

Retail to Founder of a PGx Consulting

I felt pigeonholed and stuck...

I felt like I wasn't growing anymore. I wanted to do something different but I didn't have an actual plan.

Coaching was a little overwhelming at first but once I got into it, I found it really useful and I enjoyed the relationship that I developed with my coach. It was a very holistic approach to me getting what I wanted out of my career and my life.

Now in my new role in MSL, the flexibility is great. I feel very reinvigorated with being passionate about what I do again.

So look at coaching as an experience to uncover your best selves. It's an investment in yourself.

Julianne Vanderhoogt-Davis, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacy to MSL

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