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Burnout affects more than half of pharmacists.*
Workplace engagement rates are dropping.
Forums are filled with anonymous commenters proclaiming the hard (and ugly) truths of pharmacy practice.
Pharmacy School applications are at an all-time low.**
Provider status has been fought after for decades with little progress shown.
Pharmacy is poised for disruption.

The Happy PharmD wants to help pharmacists take back the profession, one pharmacist at a time…

Alex Barker, PharmD loves helping pharmacists create fulfilling careers and lives.

Alex founded The Happy PharmD to provide career coaching and career development classes, and since 2017, the company has helped over 1,500 pharmacists. His best-selling book, Indispensable: A prescription for a Fulfilling Pharmacy Career, has sold more than 4,000 copies and helped countless pharmacists love their profession again.

When he isn’t working, he has fun with his wife and two beautiful daughters, plays Nintendo, and Dungeon & Dragons, enjoys coffee and good guacamole (not at the same time), and reads comics.

Alex Barker, Founder of The Happy PharmD
Alex’s dad and I have always believed that his creativity and smarts would give him success in anything he chooses to do, but he has far exceeded what we dreamed of.

Alex is a good boy.

Kim Barker, (Mother)

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Topics that we speak on

    • Burnout
    • Career Development
    • Career Transitions
    • Pharmacy Career Paths
    • Business Development
    • Job Market
    • Negotiation
    • Team Building


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“Most relevant. Can tell presenter honestly cares.”

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“Very, professional, easy to listen to, one of the best presenters I’ve heard in the last 6 weeks where I’ve done 15+ courses. This was my favorite program yet!”

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One of the best programs I have taken.
Amazing presentation. I think every pharmacist should see this”

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“Great presentation. Management and thought leaders in pharmacy should receive this presentation.”

“Definitely feel corporations need to see his presentation.”

“Best CE I’ve ever done.”

“This presentation could not be more relevant, and it may even be my favorite ce activity.”

“This presentation was an epiphany for me. Many things are finally clear & make sense. Thank you also for providing actual/real solutions & avenues that we can take to change the system for the better!”

“Probably the best CE course I have listened to in my entire career.”

“An excellent and enlightening presentation! This should be a mandatory yearly topic being presented to all companies to bring awareness and improve company moral.”

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“This presenter is by far the best …Over my 35 years of being a pharmacist, this was the most direct, totally on point, perfectly presented, informative, supportive, and real… Tears right now …Wow!”

“Truly amazing; I wish this presentation could be presented in every pharmacy work environment. Thank you!!!”

“I am very impressed with this instructor. Definitely is passionate about the subject matter. I will definitely look for more presentations to attend from him. He did an amazing job! Well done sir.”

“I have been searching for an explanation to a difficult situation to which no current convention fit appropriately”Nice job! You have me fired up to overcome my own burnout!”

“One of the Best EYE opening explanations to the problem as we face.”

“As a 17 yr community pharmacy veteran in the midst of burnout, this CE gave me information and insight on what I am facing. It is not an easy process, but I have plans to get out of the rut and move forward.”

“Wow this really hit home. Even at my 28th year.”

“This was the most relatable CE I have partaken in. I really value the efforts of Dr. Barker and others who are trying to establish pharmacy burnout as a real condition from the current pharmacy system.”

“This was the most important CE I’ve ever done. It should be a requirement of the profession.”

“This was very informative and thought provoking.”

“Much better and informative than I expected.
GREAT CE!!!!! Very relevant and sadly something I needed to hear. Just knowing some of the things I feel are not just me feeling crazy helps tremendously. Thank you for acknowledging this problem.”

“Really enjoyed the presentation. Makes me feel like I am not alone in this.”

“Entertaining and entirely relevant to today.
This is the most relatable CE I’ve ever encountered to date.”

“I really enjoyed the presentation. Alex was very informative and presented solid information and insight on the issue at hand within the field of pharmacy.”

“One of the best topics so far!”

“I have never felt more validated as a professional than after listening to this presentation. More please!!!!! ??”

“Awesome topic that should be presented to pharmacy corporations.”

“Excellent program. My husband was killed a year and a half ago and I am not back to

practicing yet. This program was helpful in more ways than I initially anticipated.”

“Hits home after 46 yrs of practice”

“This was like a therapy session. Thank you!”

“This program was the most impactful continuing education that I have ever participated in. I have been searching for an explanation to a difficult situation to which no current convention fit appropriately

“I felt this was one of the most important and currently relevant seminars I have participated in” 

“I was so surprised that this was a wonderful CE. It has validated what I have been feeling for many years. This is an excellent speaker.”

“Every manager, HR, and industry leader needs to hear this information!”

“It is reassuring to realize there is a name for the situation I was in as a pharmacist for at least 30 years. I could identify with all the moral injury descriptions and this CE helped me realize moral injury was the root cause of me leaving the profession. Very helpful presentation.”

“Wow! Moral injury was a presentation that I never, ever, ever heard anything about. But it explains a WHOLE lot of what I see going on with my co-workers and myself as well. Thanks for helping me with my question about this “condition” apparently plaguing me 4 years ago. I very
much appreciate it.”

“This program was so amazing we need emotional type CE that help us understand what we feel I learned a lot tonight.”

“Best program ever! Excellent, very very needed.”

“This should be an important chapter in the pharmacists’ owner’s manual – if there was such a thing. I learned a lot about myself and now have new avenues of additional self learning.”

“Nailed it. So much better than I expected.”

“He was absolutely amazing A+, best, most relevant and informative CE I’ve ever done.”

“Fantastic speaker & teacher; held my attention very well (which is a miracle for me).”

“I appreciate the presenter’s warm style. He really spoke to us and was not just reading to us.”

“Excellent presentation. Great speaker! Very well referenced.”

“I really liked this guy. He should do lots of presentations.”

“I would like to see more presentations on this topic, especially from this presenter.”

“Alex is absolutely the best speaker I’ve heart on FreeCE.”

“Excellent program!! Well overdue. Excellent job done by Dr. Barker!!”

“Give Alex more time for Q&A!”

“He was a very energetic and well-spoken presenter!”

“Alex is a great speaker! Thank you for not just reading the information from the slides to us.”

“Great presentation. Loved the passion and enthusiasm of the presenter.”

“Alex’s delivery was great.”

“First time I have heard a presentation from Alex. Awesome job. Very upbeat and engaging.”

“Very well-spoken presenter. Easy to listen to.
Excellent CE and Speaker!!!”

“I would like more CE from him. Very excellent orator and extremely knowledgeable. Amazing job Alex !!!”

“Will look for more sessions from this speaker…he was excellent!”

“Best speaker ever and best CE! Speaker keeps your attention with great information.”

“Needed this and will share with others in the medical field. Everyone should see this!”

“Alex is a pharmacy warrior, thank you for your service.”

“Excellent speaker, I hung on every word.”

“Unbelievable presentation and presenter! We need more programs like this as we evolve in healthcare post-pandemic.”

“It was very refreshing that Dr. Barker did not just read from his slides.”

“Eye-opening. Compassionate. Clear.”

“Alex is a wonderful speaker and easily conveyed his thoughts on this topic. He was engaging to listen to and provided excellent insight and knowledge on this topic. Well done.”

“The best, most important CE I’ve ever done.”

“Excellent presentation, well thought out and perfectly presented. Very rarely a presenter took the time to go 15 minutes over without thinking of the time to make sure he answered as many questions as possible. He spoke at a normal pace so no one had to try to keep up with him.”

“Wow! I worried about being bored. Great job!!”

“Dr. Barker has a passion, and I think it shows in his presentation and research.”

“I appreciate Alex Barker choosing to make a difference in the practice of pharmacy.”

“Speaker was passionate and very knowledgeable. He clearly cares so much about this topic. Very appealing way of speaking– calm, decisive, chose his words with care.”

“Dr. Alex Barker was AMAZING! I enjoyed the CE and hope to attend another one presented by him. You could hear the passion in his voice for this topic.”

“As a major player in professional continuing education, it is important that we respond quickly to changing industry educational needs. Over the past several pandemic laden years, those needs have ranged from very rapidly changing clinical information to the evolving necessity for professional self-care. Alex Barker has been instrumental in helping our clients make practical use of the latest scientific studies in the growing space of professional burnout and the corresponding medication safety domains. Alex’s relaxed and casual presentation style resembles a sincere and productive conversation with colleagues.”

Kevin T. Hope
Senior Director of Pharmacy Education

“Alex Barker brought his unique and experienced perspective to our lead-off sessions on career development for new pharmacists. We appreciate the extra time he took to customize the presentations for our region and they were very well received.”

“Here are a couple of direct quotes from the feedback from the first two presentations.”

“Excellent presentation from an expert speaker; thank you Alex.”

“Wish the speaker didn’t feel the need to rush! He was very good!”

“The session was very informative”

Mary Coopland
Director of Membership & Conferences
Ontario Pharmacists Association

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