Meet The Coach: Eric Moody

Eric Moody

The Happy PharmD

Eric is a happy-go-lucky pharmacist from the big town of Deep Run, NC whose positivity livens any conversation quicker than saying, “Free Donuts!” He truly believes “honesty is the best policy” and loves to laugh.

Eric has worked in a pharmacy setting since he was 16 years old. He started out as a technician at a long-term care facility while in high school, then as a pharmacy technician at an independent pharmacy in undergrad, worked as a hospital pharmacy intern during pharmacy school, and as a retail pharmacy manager for over 4 years.

Before becoming a Pharmacy Coach with The Happy PharmD, Eric was a client. He had been a retail pharmacy manager for years and unfortunately became stuck in a store with an abusive manager. The Happy PharmD program gave him the courage, hope, and insight to step out of his comfort zone and try new things. Eric eventually found a better work environment at another retail store and has since transitioned out of retail into an independent pharmacy manager role using the knowledge gained from The Happy PharmD program.

In his free time, Eric loves to hang out with his wife and three kids (Addie, Savannah, & Connor), plays games on his Nintendo Switch, reads the latest Lee Child book, and enjoys a better quality of life knowing he gets to do what he loves each day.

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