Meet The Coach: John Baechle

John (Chris) Baechle

Happy PharmD Coach

Chris Baechle is a compassionate and driven pharmacist working to help fellow pharmacists find a way into a pharmacy role that provides both a sense of meaning and enjoyment both professionally and personally.

In the past, Chris was a retail pharmacist and quickly discovered it wasn’t for him and decided to do something about it. After hiring Alex as a coach, he was able to find a position in specialty pharmacy. He loves speaking with other pharmacists and health professionals to learn about what potential opportunities may be out there for them and to help others determine where their dream career may be.

At the Happy PharmD, Chris is a pharmacy coach and also co-host of the Happy PharmD podcast with Alex.

During his spare time, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife, Irina and daughter, Eloise. He also enjoys playing golf, running and traveling whenever possible with his family.

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