Meet The Coach: Lynsie Wokasch

Lynsie Wokasch

Happy PharmD Coach

Lynsie is a wife, a mother, a Christian, and a pharmacist  born and raised in North Carolina where ‘y’all’ is a proper noun 😂. 

At the age of 16, Lynsie decided she wanted to be a pharmacist and has enjoyed a career in pharmacy for the past 20+ years. During her career in pharmacy, she has been a pharmacy technician, certified pharmacy technician, pharmacy intern, graduate pharmacist intern, staff pharmacist, pharmacy manager, pharmacy supervisor, district leader, and consultant pharmacist. 

Lynsie fell in love with retail pharmacy in pharmacy school and had a very successful career with CVS for 13 years. In October 2019, she made the brave decision to leave retail pharmacy and chose to explore a different pharmacy path.  She is currently a pharmacist in Long Term Care working with assisted and skilled living facilities to provide the best care for geriatric patients. 

Lynsie has worked with the best pharmacists over her career: teachers, mentors, mentees, peers, interns, and friends; and believes that pharmacists provide value in all areas of healthcare and are still “the most trusted professionals”.  

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