Escape Burnout

Do you spend your days filling scripts at a rate that doesn’t allow you to actually help people, burning you out, worrying that you might make a mistake and hurt someone?


62% of pharmacists have those same feelings. Every. Single. Day. 


They’re burnt out. 


We’re going to cover how to identify, manage, and alleviate burnout in our upcoming webinar – Escape Burnout on 11/15 at 8pm ET. 


Even if you aren’t experiencing burnout now, the odds are that you will sometime in your career. 

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Escape Burnout

November 15, 8 pm ET

Hey, I’m Alex Barker, PharmD!

I used to be just like you.

When I started my first pharmacy job…

I thought that Pharmacy was bigger and better
I thought I could be doing more to help people
I thought there would be more opportunities for me
I wanted to leave pharmacy and I felt like a failure

But instead of quitting, I ended up hiring a coach who led me to discover what my true passion was: helping others using my teaching abilities. I was able to leave the job that I hated in 2018 and ended up creating my own business.

I knew how unhappy so many of my colleagues and friends are in the field of pharmacy, so I had to share my experiences of creating a career that I love.

That was the foundation of The Happy PharmD, and I’ve never looked back. We’ve been able to help over 500 pharmacists through our coaching programs to create the careers of their dreams. We currently have 9 pharmacist career coaches (and growing!) on staff with a collective 100+ years of practical experience.

I recently found that the biggest thing missing in the pharmacy community is a positive place to share your wins and your lessons. There are so many opportunities available for someone in pharmacy and I want to make sure that every pharmacist knows that they have it in them to go after their dreams.