Starting a Business in Natural Family Planning

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A Pharmacist Who Recommends a Non-medication Approach: Starting a Business in Natural Family Planning

When Emily came to us for coaching, she felt stuck in her current position. She was looking for practical advice about how to get started with a side hustle and how to transform her current position into an ambulatory care position in a women’s health clinic.

I feel like I knew that I wanted to be doing something more; I felt like I was in this uncomfortable place where I liked my job and was grateful for my job, but I felt like there was something more to give inside of me. I had a passion for women’s health and natural family planning, but I didn’t know exactly how to turn that into a position.

She knew she wanted to start a business and get out of this uncomfortable feeling of holding back her potential, but she wasn’t sure where to start. 

When we first started, I don’t think I had in mind that I was actually going to start the natural family planning business on the side; I was more focused on moving into the ambulatory space. After a session together, I realized it was very possible to start a business and coaching helped me realize that the natural family planning was more than a desire to bring to the ambulatory space. I could also bring my services to people right now without a ‘formal structure’.

When I asked her about what reservations she had about coaching before we got started, she mentioned that the financial investment felt difficult because she wasn’t yet making new income from her business. 

I wondered why I would pour money into coaching when I didn’t have the extra income from a business coming in at the moment. After following others on social media, reading books, and listening to podcasts about entrepreneurship, however, I realized that I needed someone to help me. I had to convince myself that it was worth it and I am so glad that I did. 

When asked about her experience with coaching, Emily said: 

It was extremely helpful. It was the perfect mix of very practical strategies and the motivation and encouragement to get past mental roadblocks. With every session, I had new action steps to take that were helping me make progress.

The biggest thing that was holding Emily back from making a change was the fact that she felt like she got hired for a particular position at her hospital, and she didn’t want to disappoint her team or her manager. She was also hesitant to put out a less-than-perfect service with her side hustle. 

After coaching, I realized that I could just start and keep improving it and that putting out something is providing value to people. Also, coaching helped me realize that I was responsible for myself and my happiness, and that I needed to prioritize that.

Emily mentioned that she thought she might need to look for a traditional job that had her interests incorporated, but she realized after coaching that she could create her own job and also build something new. 

I asked Emily what we could have done better. 

Nothing, honestly. The only thing that would be even better is if coaching would last longer; every session was valuable. 

So, what’s going on with Emily’s business? 

My business has started, and I have had my first few paid services! I am already feeling more satisfied in my career having this side business. Simultaneously, I am meeting with the physicians in the ambulatory space and I feel confident and prepared. 

What was your biggest takeaway from your coaching experience? 

The biggest takeaway I’ve had is that starting a business is easier than it seems; it felt so big before. If you break it down step by step, it really is possible. Even if you have a big dream, you can make it a reality. It wasn’t easy, but it was not scary or overwhelming. 

Any other changes you have noticed in yourself? 

I am more confident. I am so much more satisfied with my life knowing that I am pursuing something that I feel very passionate about and that is a part of the purpose of my life. I am better connected to myself and my values. 

Would you recommend coaching to others who are thinking about it? 

Definitely. You may not realize that you need help. But think about professional athletes; they have coaches. If you read about top business performers, they have coaches as well. They didn’t do it all themselves. They needed help, too. If you are feeling stuck, do whatever you need to do to hire a coach to move forward and gain momentum. 

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