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Spouse Testimonials

Cassie Jenks

It is a worthwhile investment for my spouse...

My husband was trying to break out of the traditional path and do something different. He didn't have steps laid out for him so it was really overwhelming to try and know where to go.

Interactions with his coach have given him a lot more confidence that his goals are doable. It kept him leveled through the ups and downs, which were an inevitable part when you are challenging yourself to do something new and different. The greatest return on the investment was more than the money -- it's the mindset shift.

Bill Murray

She made her money back in a few months -- a crazy fast amount of time.

My wife, Milena Murray, has always been very successful. When she came to me about signing up for coaching, I had questions. What will you get out of this? Will it pay itself back? How is this going to help you feel about yourself as a professional?

She made her money back in a few months -- a crazy fast amount of time. It helped her push forward her side hustles and a lot of that, she credits back to this program. She feels better about herself professionally as well.

If anyone has the position to make this investment, know that it also takes internal drive. You have to invest in yourself too to actually get it to pay off. The amount of effort you're willing to put in is just how successful you are going to be with the program.

Yes, you can think about the likelihood that you're going to at least break even under return of investment but then also, how is your spouse? Is their demeanor going to change? Is this going to give them more confidence even if it doesn't yield to an extra dollar earned? It can work that way too.

Erica Moody

Coaching was a game-changer...

My husband's job turned into a soul-sucking job which started to affect his health, our kids and our home life. I felt very helpless as there's not a whole lot that I can do. I just had to watch him job hunt and not really get anywhere.

It was a full year before he considered coaching. We sat down and talked about the pros and cons and he told me it was an investment. I wasn't super excited about the cost and I was skeptical but I wanted to support him. He was excited, he was hopeful and so we did it.

There was change -- there was a light about him as he was going through the program. I could see his confidence come back. He started to find himself again.

His newest position is a dream come true, not just for him, but for our family. He is able to thrive and not just survive. Because of the coaching program, he was able to tap into his potential -- it was a game-changer in his life. The program has blessed and changed our lives for the better.

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