The Happy PharmD Summit

Learn about Non-Traditional Pharmacy career paths  and start an inspiring career 

If you are a pharmacist who would like to explore the numerous non-traditional career opportunities open to you, this is the conference for you.

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Hi, I'm Alex Barker, PharmD. I'm obsessed with helping pharmacists create inspiring careers and lives.

Conference Topics

Each niche expert will share how you can start a new career.

Here are some of the topics to be covered:

  • Policy and Medical Affairs
  • Independent Pharmacy Models
  • Insurance
  • Education (outside of Academia)
  • Exotic Pharmacy Positions
  • Financial Consultant
  • ​Certifications That Open Opportunities
  • Career Transitions
  • Residency after working full-time
  • MTM Business Model
  • Pharma Industry
  • Associations
  • Professional Coach
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Nutrition Consulting
  • Managed Care
  • Functional Medicine

PLUS bonuses for Access Pass Members

  • Seven Figure Pharmacist:  How to Maximize Your Income, Eliminate Debt, and Create Wealth (Book)
  • Secondary Income Coaching Session
  • The Pharmacist Salary Negotiation Guide
  • The Salary Negotiation Webinar - 3 Experts
  • Investment Strategy Session with Dr. Hans Boateng, PharmD

This conference is for you if...

  • ​You are dissatisfied with your Pharmacy job
  • You want a change of pace
  • You don’t know which career path to go
  • Considered doing a different career path, but worried about how to make the transition.

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Conference Speakers

Lucinda Maine, PhD
CEO and VP at AACP

Blair Thielemier PharmD
Founder of Pharmpreneur Academy

Thomas Magnifico, RPh
Veterinary Pharmacy

Dr. Samuel Dyer PhD
CEO and Chairman of the Board Medical Science Liaison Society

Lester Nathan
The Pharmacy Sage
Independent Pharmacy

Hans Boateng, PharmD
The Investing Tutor

Garrett Brown, PharmD
Founder of RxElite Resumes
Career Transition Best Practices

Amy Panza, PharmD

Seth DePasquale, PharmD
Veterinary Compounding

Joseph Fiore, PharmD
Sr. Clinical Scientist, Oncology at Merck

Cynthia Knapp Dlugosz, BSPharm
Medical Writing

Ken and Trenie Kunke, PharmD
Health Coaching

Dana Roman
Residency AFTER Working Full-Time Pharmacy

Timothy Church, PharmD
Financial Issues for Career Transitions

Timothy Ulbrich, PharmD Financial Issues for Career Transitions

Ashlee Klevans, PharmD
Transitioning into a Career Without Any Experience

More Speakers To Be Announced!

Here's a few things you'll learn in this conference:

Form a customized action plan to position yourself for and successfully make your career transition

Get your process of career change moving into high gearLearn from numerous pharmacists who have successfully made the switch and hear how it is done

How to connect with any decision maker who can give you a new job

How to prepare your CV/resume, even if you lack the experience

How to network your way to a mentor who can make it easy to transition

See with your own eyes that switching to a non-traditional career has more financial potential than retail or hospital pharmacy and is in fact a step forward, not a step backwards

Become empowered by knowing that you are far from alone in your desire for change