Transitioning to Specialty — Here’s How to Do It Right!

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Career Path, Professional Skills, Success Story

In this session, Laurie Linton and Laura Licari (a Happy PharmD coach), joined me live to share their experiences transitioning into specialty. Read till the end to find out how Laurie, one of our success stories from the Happy PharmD, made a smooth career transition seven years after pharmacy school.



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How Laurie transitioned into specialty

Laurie had spent seven years of her career after pharmacy school in home infusion. She loved every aspect of the field, but she knew she needed a change after that period. So, she went all in on exploring the best thing for her and now works as a specialty pharmacist.

The blend of traditional retail, logistics, and clinical setting of specialty piqued her interest in specialty. She realized she was good at building good interpersonal relationships with other professionals in the health sector and her patients while helping to tailor care to their unique needs. The joy she also got from seeing their therapies work for patients who have previously tried multiple therapies is priceless.

A similar line of thought holds for Laura as well. She decided to move into specialty so she could spend more time one-on-one with the patient, and the results were amazing. 


What do you need to transition to specialty?

You don’t need a residency or certification to get into a specialty. Laura made the transition after five years in retail. Specialty practice offered her fewer work hours and overall less stress. She didn’t have to do a special residency to get in. Networking with the top professionals was what got her through the door.

You don’t need more training; you only need someone or a coach to provide the bit of exercise you need to make a smooth career transition. 


The role coaching played in her transition process.

Laurie previously tried applying for jobs using job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn with generic cover letters and her resume. It brought no results. Coaching helped change her mindset to see possibilities. She gained confidence and saw herself from a better perspective through feedback from her coach. She was also able to niche down, become accountable, and learn networking skills to build connections. Now, she helps others connect with the right individuals and resources to improve their careers. 



Transitioning is a lot easier with the right coach and guidance. While you may not be certain of your career path, getting a coach will grant you the clarity to decide on the next step and empower you with the skills you need to assist you further down your career. Laurie, for instance, has leveraged her experiences with her coach and working in specialty and currently works with a technology company. The Happy PharmD team is ready to guide you through this journey. Our core aim is to help young professionals like you reach the peak of their careers. Get in touch with one of our coaches today and kickstart the journey!

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