Why It’s Important to Envision the Future

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There comes a time in everyone’s career when we are faced with the question; “what next?” While we arrive at this point by different means and at our own unique pace, it typically occurs when the journey has reached a crossroad. It can come at an exciting time like a pending graduation and you’ve harnessed the, “ready to take the bull by the horns” mindset. Likewise, it can present at a stressful time as when you’re planning a move; things are out of sync and you seem to have lost all control. It can even come in times of dread, where perhaps you’ve found yourself floundering in the sea of complacency, simply longing for change. Whatever the circumstance and whenever the time, a clear vision of your future will not only help you navigate uncertainty, it will help create unbounded fulfillment while providing direction and inspiration.

Tomorrow’s Just Another Day – Is it Really Though?

We’ve all heard the saying, “why put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” well, too many of us subscribe to the, “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow” philosophy. If you’re in the habit of looking at tomorrow as just another day, then creating a vision for the future probably never occurred to you, or if it has, you probably haven’t recognized the importance of it. On the flip-side, there’s even a chance you have developed the correct mindset guiding your future, but have yet to realize it, therefore failing to use it to its full potential. Several years ago…ok many, ok several many years ago when I was in pharmacy school, my primary focus was on one thing; passing the NAPLEX. I looked at each test, each quiz, each paper, each semester as a vehicle for the successful completion of that one exam. For four years that dedication, drive and determination served me well, and when the time came, I had no doubt about my ability to clear that hurdle. Now, out of college and firmly established in my career, I have found value, re-doubling my focus, and creating my own 5 year plan.

What’s at Stake – “Do You Feel Lucky”?

Of course creating a personal vision statement doesn’t ensure success and many people live contented lives without one. What it does is provide a roadmap for the attainment of one’s long-term goals; helping you to avoid hazards along the way that could adversely impact your future. Have you ever heard the expression, “even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while”? Certainly plenty of people have found success in this way, but wouldn’t you prefer to “create” your successes, rather than risk “finding” them?

My Vision, My Plan – What’s it Gonna Take?

Getting started can be daunting. Thinking about the future as that wide open space void of anything earthly imaginable can be downright discouraging. If however, you take the right approach, not only will it be possible to formulate something concrete, the exercise itself can be thoroughly enjoyable! While some people may benefit from taking small steps like writing down two or three specific goals to accomplish within a defined timeframe, others (myself included) like the idea of allowing themselves to dream big. Look at yourself in 5 or even 10 years down the road. Dream up the idea of where you want to be and what you want to be doing. Write it down and then you have not only made it a possibility, but created a guideline for the future you deserve. If you’re looking for a more detailed outline on how to create a personal vision statement, check out this link, indeed.com.

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