5 Ways to Maximize Your Time Spent on LinkedIn

by | Oct 7, 2018 | Career, Network

5 Ways to Maximize Your Time Spent on LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn “just another social media platform”?

“Is spending time on LinkedIn worth it?”

“Where do I even start with LinkedIn?”

I would argue that LinkedIn may be the most underutilized, inexpensive, and user-friendly professional platform available. Let’s discuss some ways that you can get started with building a professional habit of leveraging this virtual network.

  1. Share healthcare knowledge and pharmacy-specific topics with your network. Sharing content will demonstrate that you 1) are an active contributor to your profession 2) you bring value to others (and a future organization of your choice 😉 and 3) will increase your visibility by having your post show up on your network’s newsfeed. Win-win-win.
  2. Update your profile in small bites. Our LinkedIn Course will walk you step-by-step through what should (and what should not) be included in your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Reach out to others who are in areas that you’re interested in within the profession (or outside of it). Ask them to have virtual coffee or a quick phone call to learn more about their area of pharmacy and how they pursued that passion/interest. You never know what will happen by taking the time to have a conversation with a new connection.
  4. Create a habit of checking your LinkedIn once a day. Consistency with engagement in this platform is key. If you are expecting to receive benefit/job offers/have others notice you, the platform will not necessarily “do the work for you”. Certainly, a well-designed profile can increase your visibility to an extent. The real magic happens when you become an active contributor to the LinkedIn community. Think of it as a professional bank. You must make deposits before you can make any withdrawals.
  5. Create meaningful connections. If you reach out to someone to connect, send a personalized message their way. Respond to messages that you are sent in your inbox. Look for ways to acknowledge what others are doing in your field by tagging them in content. Like and comment on posts that matter to you.

P.S. We have a special offer for our course that launches this week…the first 10 participants will receive a complimentary ($100 value) review of their LinkedIn profile to maximize visibility so that recruiters and managers will find you. Check it out here.




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