5 Easy Ways to Start Using LinkedIn More Effectively

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Career, Network

By now, you likely have a LinkedIn profile, you have occasional connection requests come into your notification box, you scroll through your newsfeed occasionally and “like” posts, and you update your LinkedIn profile when you make a career transition.

Is this enough?

Quick answer: No.

Long answer: You should be doing so much more with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful virtual networking platform available.

You should be thinking of your LinkedIn profile in this context:

Your LinkedIn = your professional brand on display for the world.

LinkedIn is utilized by employers and recruiters as a dynamic virtual candidate search platform. Your profile along with the content you post will either improve your visibility or allow you to be lost in the internet shuffle.

Let’s start with 5 easy ways to improve your LinkedIn marketability. Here are a few things you must do:

  1. Have a professional photo on your profile. Seems simple, right? Did you know profiles with pictures receive up to 34x more visibility? Looking directly at the camera, professional dress, and a solo shot are the best for LinkedIn. 
  2. Have a catchy headline. This will be seen when you appear in search results under your name and shows up right under your photo when others view your profile. Your headline should include two things: Who you are (profession) and how you help others (your niche).
  3. Write an informative summary statement. This should be written from the first person perspective. Your summary should include a description of your current role, major accomplishments, professional interests, and what makes you unique. Add keywords to increase your visibility. 
  4. Create a personalized URL.  This can be done in under one minute by going to your profile page –> Edit Public Profile & URL in the upper right-hand corner –> Edit URL in the upper right-hand corner. This link should be on your CV/resume and your business cards. I would recommend including your full first and last name in the URL if possible. 
  5. Share and like content that builds your personal brand. Being active within the LinkedIn community will increase your visibility in others’ newsfeeds. You should consider writing and contributing to the platform on a regular basis.

P.S. We are launching a LinkedIn course later this fall. Stay tuned for updates 🙂

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