Focused During Adversity – Exposing My Secret and Overcoming My Adversities Over the Last Year

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Burnout, Business and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness, Professional Skills

I’ve been keeping a secret from you over the past year as I’ve struggled with family members’ health and my own mental health.
In this interview with Mike Koelzer from The Business of Pharmacy, I finally talk about exactly what I’ve been going through. We cover how I’m working to overcome it and why the right support network and mindset are vital to overcoming adversity.
I discuss the difficulties of being a founder during difficult times and describe how I dealt with family members’ declining physical health while managing my mental well-being. Because of these issues, I had to rely on team members to carry out the company’s vision while I was away. The company thrived in my absence because we had created a system that could function without my daily involvement in activities.
I go on to describe my leadership thought process. Even though I am in charge, I give employees some leeway in handling the details of their jobs and leave room for compromise.
Despite the Happy PharmD’s friendly atmosphere, friendship does not interfere with work. I stress how vital developing genuine relationships (authenticity) with employees based on trust and mutual respect are to a company’s success.
In addition, I emphasize the importance of developing the right mindset for dealing with challenges by enlisting the assistance of proven professionals in dealing with work-related mental health issues. I also shed light on how policies affect practice and why experienced professionals with practical knowledge are needed in positions of authority.
We conclude by discussing how self-acceptance can be a game-changer in challenging situations. Admitting your lack of motivation and surrounding yourself with the right people can make a difference. While in this state, I found fulfillment in seeing the company I founded continue to improve the lives of, not just individuals, but entire families.

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