An Open Letter to My Future Self

by | Aug 20, 2018 | General

Disclaimer: This is not a typical HappyPharmD post. It was inspired by something I saw and started thinking very deeply about what I would want to tell myself in the future. I hope you consider writing the same letter. 🙂 

Dear Future Self,

I hope this letter finds you doing well.

I hope you’ve let go of the trivial things that bother you about yourself, but find joy in the little things that have truly meant so much in life.

I hope you have confronted your inner fears, smashed your insecurities, let go of your inner doubts; I hope you’ve embraced your inner strength, committed your will, flourished in your ability to positively impact others.

I hope you aren’t afraid of finding out what others think of you, and instead actively sought out others’ thoughts and incorporated them into the weave of your life’s blanket.

I hope you have given all that you could to your family, your friends, those you care for as a pharmacist while taking care of yourself.

I hope your dreams have come true, that you’ve lived life to the fullest and made the most of each day as you tried to when you were younger.

I hope you feel confident that you’ve tried your best to be the best mom, despite a constant weight of ‘mom-guilt’, worry, and trepidation that you carried, you have realized that you were just the mom your child(ren) needed.

I hope you continue to have a desire to learn and grow, to never stop contemplating how you can be a better version of yourself, and to help others see what they cannot.

I hope you have given your patients a new outlook on life, you’ve treated your colleagues with respect and kindness, and you’ve created an impact that others can look towards.

I hope you’re embracing feeling vulnerable, making connections, tending to relationships, and looking for adventures.

I hope you’re considering things you wish you would have told your younger self, and sharing that advice with your family and friends.

I hope you traveled and saw places in the world you thought you wouldn’t and made lasting memories with family and friends along the way.

I hope you’ve stayed steadfast in your faith, and trusted that He had you in his hands, always.

Until we meet, Future Self,


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