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Get One-on-One Help Fixing Your Pharmacist Career

  • Want to move into a happy career where you do what you love?
  • Would you like personalized advice to relieve burnout and reignite your passion in pharmacy?
  • Maybe you need to transition out of pharmacy altogether?

We’re a pharmacist’s competitive advantage

Our Pharmacist Career Coaching is based on leading you through our Indispensable Career Model™ in group or one-on-one coaching.

By following our Indispensable Career Model™ you will be able to build an indispensable pharmacy career that attracts new job opportunities, creates more time and less hustle in the job-hunt rat race. Get empowered to choose a career path trajectory that fits your priorities rather than a prospective company’s priorities.

Working with a Happy PharmD Career Coach, we will help you remove confusion, build focus, and prioritize actions to limit frustrations in the job market jungle. 

The Measure of an Indispensable Pharmacist
What a pharmacist does once they become INDISPENSABLE is up to them, but we believe there are ways for pharmacists to measure success and achieve:

  • More Satisfaction 
  • More Time
  • More Income
  • More Happiness 
  • More Impact

Becoming Indispensable
As a pharmacist masters their Indispensable career by working on each core pillar with a Happy PharmD Career Coach, they will have the ability to control where their career takes them, rather than being a victim of the job market. 

Gain Control & Confidence
Some pharmacists want to leave the profession entirely. Others still believe there is a right fit for them in the market. And others want to advance their career to new heights. Once a pharmacist gains control and confidence over their career goals they will be able to dictate their career trajectory. 

The Indispensable Career Model is how Happy PharmD Career Coaches help you transition from mediocre jobs to careers they wake up excited about. 

Every pharmacist has the potential to achieve a career they love, in or out of pharmacy. As long as they’re willing to roll up their sleeves, jump in with us, and do the work… The sky’s the limit. 

Are you ready to become Indispensable? Complete the Career Assessment today and a Career Advisor will connect with you to place you into the best pharmacy career development program.

Start Your Indispensable Career Journey Today!

Not sure where to start or what you need to get a better job and career? By completing The Happy PharmD Career Assessment you will be connected with a Happy PharmD Career Advisor to help you choose a coaching program based on your skills, interests, and passions, find jobs that match your uniqueness, and become a top candidate.


What People Are Saying

I got to a point where I was just ready to quit...

"It was affecting my physical and mental health. I would tell my husband, "I don't know what I want to do but it's not this. It's not what I wanted to do when I thought of being a pharmacist.

I looked at other coaching programs and this is the only one I found which has pharmacists helping pharmacists.

The program was literally life-changing. I work from home now and I love it. I have better work-life balance, I don't dread going to work anymore, I now have a lot more time with my husband and actually be a happy human!"

Kelsa Benzing

Anyone who's in search of some direction, seek out coaching...

"I was pretty miserable. It became not worth it to me anymore so I left that job and I didn't have a plan. I found The Happy PharmD and got that surge of motivation to do something. It was so good for getting my mind right, I needed that mindset shift.

The support of a coach who can identify with your journey, give you tools, and put you in that right mindset to make it happen...anyone can benefit from it."

Lindsey Palmer

I was afraid of being rejected.

"I was not happy with my job, every day was a battle.

Chris helped me change focus: to improve myself rather than escape my current situation. The entire coaching program was very well structured and I really liked how my coach was always available when I needed help.

Just having a coach was a very, very healthy way to vent out your strength and refocus your direction. He was always an accountable partner."

Yustina Hong