Contribute to our Blog

Welcome HPD contributors! Our goal is to provide you with a safe platform to help you grow your brand, your identity, and ultimately, your resume. To start off, let’s talk about the two common questions we get about article submissions:

What topic can I write about?

It’s all up to you! 🙂 At the Happy PharmD, we want to support you on whatever message that you want to get out so whatever your passion is (ideally directly or indirectly about pharmacy), go ahead and write about it. 

This is not a place, though, where pharmacists complain about things so focus on what’s important and those which have real solutions. Get a powerful, strong message so we can push pharmacy forward. We aim to make an impact not just in pharmacy but in health care and other professions as well. 

Can I retain anonymity?

If you wish to remain anonymous, we respect that. Our recommendation though is for you to put your name behind what you say as your word means something. 

Please be informed of these other guidelines as well:

  • Submissions should be original and not published elsewhere.
  • Articles should not be overly self-promotional.
  • Please include an author bio with a headshot at the end of your article, unless you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Please submit articles in Google docs and include relevant images.
  • Articles must at least be 600 words in length.
  • Avoid pushing out spammy content and linking out to spammy websites, whether this is in your bio or within the content.
  • Check your posts for spelling or grammar errors before submission. We suggest using Grammarly.
  • The content must fit in with our blog niche.
  • Links should be relevant to the content. If they don’t benefit our readers, we can
  • remove them before publishing.
  • We do not give author accounts. We post the articles ourselves and you can give feedback if there is anything to change.
  • We usually don’t do anything with content but once the content is posted on the site, The Happy PharmD will be able to own it. If you wish to link to your post, that is fine.
  • If the article gets comments, please respond to them.
  • The Happy PharmD reserves the right to edit the content as we deem fit and the right to reject contributions.
  • Do not include anything offensive or inaccurate. 
  • Articles are posted in this link:

If you are ready and good with these guidelines, please submit your article to: