How To Create and Complete 2023 Career Goals

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Blog, Career Path, Success Story

In this webinar to get you started for the year, I will be sharing wisdom and lessons from our research in career development and positive psychology. Read to the end to find out what people have done repeatedly to develop their careers and how you can do the same in 2023.

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Carry out a quick career review

First off, take time to think about this question:

“What has been your most satisfying moment/achievement/task in your job or career?” Your answer hints at the best direction to lean your career towards. 

The role of PERMA in your career

Research on positive psychology, spanning over 40 years, has narrowed down five components (PERMA) that help people pursue a life worth living because they are intrinsically motivated. They are Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement.

Each PERMA component is positively associated with physical health, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and commitment within organizations. These should be at the heart of your goals for this year.

  • What PERMA aspects are missing from your current work?
  • What PERMA aspects could you increase in your career?

Identifying what you need more of can do wonders for you when you are looking for a new job and help you see possibilities in your current work that you can explore.

Creating an action plan for 2023

Here are a few questions to ponder to help you create an action plan.

  • What would be different, new, or removed in your career by the end of 2023 that will give you more PERMA? By thinking with the end in mind, you can see beyond your current work routines and put things in the right perspective.
  • If everything you have planned goes right, how would your ideal career influence your family, health, and relationships? While work is important, it does not compare with family.
  • What do you wish to accomplish one year from now?
  • What would a successful month look like if you take small action steps (daily) towards your end goal?

Furthermore, employ intrinsic motivation wired into your make-up such as your belief system (religious, scientific, or otherwise) to get you to accomplish tasks, easily. Doing so reduces the willpower needed to carry out your action plan.


Focus on your journey rather than the destination this year. Rather than get overwhelmed with your big goals, focus on breaking them down into simple routines that you can do in bits daily. Soon, you will realize you are more fulfilled in your role.

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