Developing Well-Being and Resilience in Pharmacy

by | May 6, 2018 | Health and Wellness

The National Academy of Medicine has launched an initiative that focuses on clinician well-being and resilience. Why? Healthcare providers are subject to burnout at alarming rates, including about 50% of physicians reporting symptoms of burnout, which include:

  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Depersonalization
  • Low sense of accomplishment

The initiative recognizes that taking care of clinicians results in better patient care by improving productivity and engagement; over 150 healthcare organizations have signed on to support the initiative.

What are some ways we can avoid burnout and increase resiliency & well-being?

Likely the change will come from the organizational level, first.

After talking with several hundreds of executives, the authors of this HBR article sites the following six signs of an ‘ideal’ culture:

  • Create an environment that embraces authenticity
  • Foster transparency throughout the organization
  • Capitalize on employees’ strengths
  • Clearly identify a meaningful purpose of the organization
  • Connect daily activities to the organization’s purpose
  • Create a simplified structure and rules only if necessary

Second, clinicians should take responsibility for themselves by practicing self-care strategies (often, practicing what we are preaching to our patients). Find an outlet of positive energy – exercise, meditation, artwork, nature… and put it on your schedule.

Third: connect the first and second items together – finding an organization that focuses on well-being and finding your definition of self-care that mesh together – this is a strategy for preventing burnout.

What other resiliency strategies have you deployed?

Sharing is Caring

Creating Happy Pharmacists

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