How Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Sparked a Unexpected Career Change

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Career

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu s a system of ground fighting concepts and techniques that enable a smaller, weaker person to successfully defend themselves against a larger, stronger assailant. Studying jiu jitsu can provide benefits for pharmacists beyond self defense; it can provide an outlet from the daily grind of pharmacy practice for personal growth. You’ll be able to embrace an attitude towards lifelong learning in a difficult but rewarding martial art. You will be part of a worldwide community of fellow jiu jitsu practitioners from all walks of life.  

It’s an opportunity to practice lifelong learning apart from your career as a pharmacist

The cognitive approach towards jiu jitsu may not be apparent in the first couple months since you are still learning basic movements and concepts.

As you progress in your studies and practice, you discover there is a science to overcoming stronger and larger opponents.  

Many get hooked when they reach their first “aha” moment. They realize that the cerebral aspect of jiu jitsu is what allows their physical body to transcend disparities between strength and size.  

This can be especially appealing to scientifically trained minds because we know there is a process to achieving a repeatable result except in jiu jitsu, the situation is dynamic and in entropy.

Despite practicing jiu jitsu for over half a decade, I continue to be reminded that I am barely scratching the surface in regards to the magnitude of knowledge and experiences available.  

My attitude towards personal development in jiu jitsu runs parallel with being a pharmacist. My practice requires me to constantly practice to refine my skills and to constantly seek continuing education (and re-education) so that I can continue to evolve both as a pharmacist and as a jiu jitsu practitioner. 

As human beings, we are deeply satisfied when we undergo a transformation towards a better version of ourselves.  The feeling of going through pharmacy school and graduating as a pharmacist brought extreme satisfaction.

Jiu jitsu provides another vehicle to experience metamorphosis because every hour you spend practicing is another hour closer towards a black belt level of proficiency.  The average student can take over a decade of dedicated practice to be awarded a black belt.

Become part of a larger global community of brazilian  jiu jitsu practitioners

During pharmacy school, our network grows exponentially as we make lifelong friends and establish relationships with professors, colleagues during internship, preceptors, and even other healthcare students and professionals.  

The rate at which we meet new people tend to decline or plateau once we leave our formal education but it doesn’t have to stop there. When I moved away to start my career as a pharmacist in a new state without a single acquaintance, I quickly found a home at a new academy to practice jiu jitsu.  

I naturally made new friends as I consistently showed up to class several times a week.  The friends I have made through the study of jiu jitsu not only help me improve my game but they also bring value to other aspects of my life.  For instance, a friend at my academy jiu jitsu who is also a pharmacist referred me to a job opening which ultimately led to me being hired.

It is often easier to build a connection with someone who has similar interests with you, whether it is through your career, hobby, or lifestyle.  

Like I’ve heard in a popular podcast, your net worth is your network; being a jiu jitsu practitioner in addition to practicing pharmacy has added a outlet separate from my career but parallels it in value because it has connected with me with amazing individuals who I may have not met without it.

Jiu jitsu pays dividends for your commitment to practice

Beyond its obvious benefits of teaching self defense to pharmacists, jiu jitsu can serve as a vehicle for personal growth.  Practicing the gentle art will sharpen you mentally as you pursue its lifelong commitment to learning and practice. Finally, it gives you the sense of belonging to a diverse community of jiu jitsu practitioners that will enrich your experiences on the mat and in life.

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