How One Pharmacist Launched Herself Into a New Career Trajectory

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Career, Success Story

Recently, I sat down with my coaching client Liz to recap her story and journey through our coaching experience. Liz reached out to us at The Happy PharmD because she was feeling stuck in her career. 

“I felt like I had made all the wrong choices.” She explained that because of these decisions she felt like she was pigeon-holed into her current position.

Liz started thinking about making a change and that this couldn’t be all there was to her career. 

“It was too important to my well-being to stay, but I didn’t know what to do next.”

When she started working with us at The Happy PharmD, she started realizing that the possibilities were endless. 

Now, I’m on a completely new career trajectory! I recognize more the innate ability we have to recreate our own experiences.”

Liz contemplated what advice she would give to someone considering career coaching: 

“Could I have done this on my own? Maybe. What the coaching experience provided was another lens that was too hard to look at on my own. Well-placed questions really got me thinking about what was possible.”

She also mentioned something that many pharmacists and high-achievers face, Impostor Complex.

It can be really hard to get out of your own head.”

Also, Liz discussed how your coach is a guide vs. a dictator. Your coach is there for you every step of the way. She discussed how powerful it was to have a coach guide action steps and discover solutions to move forward. 

We’d like to think we can do it alone; reality is it is very difficult to do…The best thing you can do for yourself is act and not stay in a place that doesn’t feel right.”

Liz went on to compare coaching to a metaphor about running.

“We could be stuck on a treadmill, but we really needed someone to take us outside and run with us. You’re running either way…a coach can help you see different destinations.”

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Creating Happy Pharmacists

If you really want to build the career and life that you’ve dreamed of, one where you are helping people and working in a field that you love, you need to do something different than what you’ve been doing.

Through coaching you can re-discover why you became a pharmacist and find your passion again.