How this Stressed Out Pharmacist Found Job Satisfaction

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Career

Every pharmacist has a little job stress. But too much stress leads to burnout, higher suicide rate, and just overall unhappiness.

Paula is a community pharmacist who had enough of her situation. I won’t dive into her story too deep because she shares her perspective below.

Paula and I did a complimentary coaching session and this is what she had to say about where she was and what changed about her life.


I reached out to Alex as he was highly recommended by a close friend.

Overall, I loved my job as a retail pharmacist but felt a sense of sadness and guilt because I had to be away from my family more than I would like.

I was salaried at 40 hours per week which usually consisted of 4 ten-hour days.

Prior to calling Alex, I’d made a big change in my schedule and duties at work. About a year ago I’d increased my hours from 36 to 40 per week and also accepted the manager position (again) as a favor to my superiors.

I’m happiest working fewer hours as a staff pharmacist, but I am the ultimate people pleaser.

The new schedule and new position did not begin to take it’s toll on me immediately.

Summer is slower in the pharmacy, and I had lots of time off with my family.

But, as cold and flu season ramped up in the pharmacy so did school activities, holiday festivities, and family obligations.

There have been times over the past 4 months I felt I was literally drowning.

Four extra hours a week at work didn’t seem like much, but it was.

I felt frustrated, anxious, and sad. I am none of those things by nature.

I knew I had to find balance.

After just one phone call with Alex, I felt a sense of urgency to take care of myself and my own wellbeing.

I called my manager and asked to go back down to 36 hour weeks to which he responded “sure.”

I’ve never been the type of person to ask for what I really need. However, I now realize it is necessary.

Alex asked questions that made me realize I needed a change.

After talking with him I felt confused as to why I hadn’t been able to see it all along myself. It seemed simple. He is highly skilled at coaching by figuring out what a client isn’t saying but really means by what they do say. 

I had the privilege of having an hour coaching session with Alex.

I had my cliche answers all planned out for his questions. I really believed in my mind they were true.

I wanted to work from home, when I wanted, doing who knows what, with no change in salary.

Easy, right?

After about 30 minutes with Alex, be was able to conclude exactly what I really wanted without me saying it.

I wanted to continue working at my pharmacy, less hours per week.

Now, that is easy.

I’m laughing as a type because YES, that is exactly what I want.

The fact that Alex was able to draw that from my vague and wavering responses is amazing.

I realize I don’t need to work as much. I don’t need more money. I don’t need to shower my children with the shiny things of this world.

I need work life balance.

I need experiences with my family.

Since coaching with Alex, I feel happy and free. He is an expert and he just told me what I really wanted and it’s what I really want! That’s exciting!! 

This [coaching] experience was so different from any other I’ve had.

Reflecting back on the past several years, I have had a few forms of “coaches.”

They claim they won’t continue to coach you if you’re not putting forth the effort with diet and exercise, but they will.

As long as you keep the money coming, they’re happy to coddle and agree with all your excuses.

I’ve seen it for myself and observed it with other clients.

Alex is different.

In one complimentary call he was able to change my life.

I can’t explain the freedom I feel because a professional gave me the green light to be who I want to be.

I can’t believe he was able to derive the answer to my true desire in an hours time without accepting a dime.

He told me exactly what to do with no further coaching needed at this time.  

Alex is a man of integrity. I have no doubt he will continue to be highly successful.

I give him the highest recommendation to anyone who even has the slightest feeling their life is out of balance. He will figure out the problem as well as your true desire and help you put a plan in place to achieve what you really want. 

Since talking with Alex I’ve gone to work with a whole new attitude.

A professional has given me the ok to be the best retail pharmacist I can be.

I don’t have to be ashamed that I love it.

I’m making a difference in likely the most impoverished town in North Carolina.

I’ve scheduled a meeting with my manager to rearrange my schedule to take even more time off to spend with my family.

I’m not worried about the money I’ll be losing because I see it’s not important.

Alex has brought me peace and clarity. I am forever grateful to him.

Though I’m staying in my career for now, he’s given me suggestions to explore other facets along the way. I am extremely excited to begin. I can’t say enough good things about Alex. He’s one of a kind. 

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