How To Escape Burnout

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Burnout, Career Path, Success Story

In this special webinar session, I am joined by two pharmacists, Drs. Tulsi Shah and Melissa Turner as they share their burnout stories and how they overcame it. Read to the end to find out how Tulsi and Melissa, success stories from the Happy PharmD, discovered they were burned out and beat burnout to transition into fulfilling roles.

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How did they know they are burned out?

For Tulsi, the dissatisfaction with her job resulted from not getting feedback on the job done and not seeing the impact of the work put into projects. She battled self-doubt in her abilities, which affected her self-esteem in the workplace and outside of it. Since it was her first job after pharmacy school, she could not compare it with another role. There was also the pressure to justify the position of the pharmacist in the hospital setting she worked in.

Melissa worked in retail and had to go in early and leave late. She did not feel support from management or her colleagues, and feedback was not forthcoming. The turning point came from listening to a podcast by the Happy PharmD on burnout. She could relate it to her experience and realized that the challenge was the environment and system she was working in.  

How did they overcome burnout?

While Tulsi initially battled with fear of what the future had for her when she left her previous role, she eventually summoned the courage to call the Happy PharmD as she could not take it anymore. Coaching helped her identify her strengths and rediscover herself. Now, she works as a Senior Clinical Consultant — a role where she is fulfilled. She gets to interact with other healthcare professionals, collaborates with organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), works remotely, and has a supportive leader.

After listening to the podcast and assessing her situation alongside her spouse, Melissa knew she had to prioritize relationships with family and friends and her physical and mental health. Following her sessions with her coach from the Happy PharmD, she became aware of her multiple career options. Now, she runs her consulting firm, Tarheel PGx consulting, where she provides pharmacogenomic and nutrigenomic services to help patients have personalized medication and nutrition management plans based on their genetics. She gets to set her schedule and engage in activities she loves, such as attending church and celebrating birthdays with family and friends.


You do not have to live with burnout. You deserve to love the job you do. 

Book a call with our career advisors today, and get started on your journey to escaping burnout. We will work with you to devise a clear strategy that will help you transition quicker into roles that align with your strength and leave you fulfilled. 

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