Kayla Dillon’s Testimonial: Seeking Efficiency with Coaching

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Career, Professional Skills, Success Story

For many recent graduates like Kayla, getting started as a professional can be difficult. Because many graduates apply for a few positions, competition for job opportunities is usually fierce. Despite this, Kayla was able to start her career after securing a job in a retail pharmacy. However, despite enjoying some aspects of retail practice, such as counseling patients and administering vaccines, the pharmacy was understaffed, and work was stressful. The harsh realities persuaded her that changing jobs was in her best interests.

After making this decision, she began looking for jobs and applying to as many as she could. She admits to being passive about the application process at the time. “So, I was like doing things that weren’t the most efficient, like I was kind of just applying to jobs and like, Oh, let’s see what happens,” she says. This strategy proved ineffective as her job search dragged on for several months with no results.

Everything changed when she reached out to Happy PharmD. Having a coach to guide her each step of the way was exactly what she needed. Her coach was on hand to help when she was stuck, and she could ask her questions and get quality feedback from her coach. She recounts how she was getting discouraged, but with the support of her coach, she was able to pull through. Kayla’s progress through the program was also quick, owing to her dedication to the program and cooperation with her coach.

Before the Happy PharmD, Kayla had never considered coaching in that light. She was surprised to learn that her coach was also a pharmacist when she signed up. It was easier to establish a rapport with a fellow professional. She met with her coach weekly and received advice on writing her resume, optimizing her LinkedIn, and preparing for interviews. During coaching, she recalls how her coach assisted her in clarifying the type of job she desired and why she wanted it. It was a pivotal moment in her coaching experience, setting the tone for her relationship with the coach.

Kayla currently works remotely as a medical writer with a firm that publishes educational materials to train sales representatives and other staff of pharmaceutical companies. Her role allows her to explore her creative side while working in a production team. She enjoys working on a wide range of projects, and she admits also liking the team she works with as everyone encourages her and is available to assist her.

Kayla advises anyone still on the fence about coaching to think of it as an investment in their personal development and career. Seeking professional assistance rather than attempting a variety of random things can be critical when transitioning. Take this free career assessment test now to get started with a Happy PharmD coach. 

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