Oh! The Pills You Will Fill!

by | Apr 12, 2019 | General

Oh the pills you will fill, on your pharmacy stoo

After completing 7 years at your pharmacy school

It may take even longer, it could take a whopping 8 years!

And you may graduate someday in debt, right up to your ears.

It may feel as bleak as a father seated in 3rd class on the Titanic

As you plod through courses like Pharmaco-Dynamics and one called organic

You will learn all these rules and regs and recognize a pharmacy flaw

And learn how to avoid losing your license by studying pharmacy law

You soon will recognize friends who are already out working a trade or vocation,

And just when you think you have made it, it’s now time for Rotation!

Week after week of “on-the-job” training, as far as the eye can see

It seems a big scam, as you now still pay tuition, just to work for free!

Yet you bravely brandish a mortar and pestle as your pharmacy swords

And next, somehow, someway, you passed your pharmacy boards.

You are so excited as your family and neighbors are dancing with glee

as you show off that framed expensive piece of paper that shows your pharmacy degree

You think you have connections, you think you’d get an invite to meet the President

But today to get a job, now it’s off to become a pharmacy resident.

You think wow, more school- will this ever come to an end?

You may start to question things when you see your just employed physician non-Pharmacy friend.

You wanted something more and you wanted an adventure and thrills

And here you are, years later, now back stuck counting pills.

You had to find a job at retail, but it sure beats mopping pharmacy floors

Until a month goes by and they have just closed your pharmacy’s doors

You feel now like you were run right over in life by the Pharmacy truck

Pharmacy life isn’t fun when it seems you’re now officially stuck

Yes, you could count pills on a train and you could count them with a Fox

But when it comes to pharmacy, life begins when you can think outside the box.

You might not have the coolest job and you might not start a trend pushing pharmacy fashion

But you don’t have to quit-  just GO and LOOK and you’ll soon discover a pharmacy passion!

I can tell you the truth, it can Happen to you, as it happened to me.

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