Pharmacists’ Guide to Lucrative Side Hustles

by | May 22, 2024 | Blog, Entrepreneur, Side Hustle

I want to share three ways pharmacists can start earning extra income without needing more education or certifications. These are paths I’ve explored myself, motivated by my desire for lifestyle freedom — paying off debts and exploring new places with my family.

Firstly, medical writing and continuing medical education offer lucrative opportunities. From pharma to digital health, the field spans diverse industries. Getting started is straightforward: contribute to online journals or platforms like Pharmacy Times. Speaking engagements are another avenue; I often deliver CME material on platforms like PharmCon and FreeCE, sharing knowledge without needing specialized expertise.

Secondly, consulting and coaching leverage your expertise to solve problems. Whether it’s coaching on physical health or consulting in pediatrics like Jenna Quinn, the possibilities are vast. I transitioned from clinical pharmacy to coaching, helping professionals across various sectors achieve their goals.

Lastly, training opens doors to additional income streams. As pharmacists, we can teach and mentor in diverse settings — from corporate training on psychological safety to developing leadership programs. Elaine Blythe, for example, teaches veterinary pharmacy remotely at a prestigious university, showcasing the breadth of opportunities available.

These side hustles aren’t just about earning extra cash; they’re pathways to potential full-time careers. I’ve seen colleagues transition from traditional pharmacy roles to thriving in fields they’re passionate about. Whether you’re drawn to writing, coaching, or training, the key is identifying a problem you’re curious about solving and taking actionable steps to offer solutions.

At The Happy PharmD, we specialize in guiding pharmacists towards fulfilling careers and successful side hustles. If you’re intrigued by these opportunities, explore our resources or speak with one of our career advisors. We’re here to help you clarify your path forward, whether you’re considering a side income or a complete career change.

I’m passionate about hearing from fellow pharmacists who are exploring side incomes. Share your experiences and successes in the comments below — whether it’s consulting, expert witnessing, or other ventures. Your journey could inspire others looking to diversify their professional horizons.

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