Discovering the Power of Networking: Vincent Notareschi’s Career Transformation

by | May 9, 2024 | Blog, Network, Success Story

Like many pharmacists, Vincent Notareschi found it challenging to ask for help. As pharmacists, we’re used to being the ones offering assistance, so it feels unnatural to be on the other side, especially with people we don’t know well. Vincent shared that in networking, it often led to being ghosted or receiving generic responses, which was his reality for over a year.

Vincent reached out to approximately 80 to 85 people during this time, hoping to forge connections that could advance his career. While some conversations had promise, none resulted in interviews or progressed beyond initial exchanges. It felt like hitting a wall, wondering how to break through and stand out.

Among the strategies Vincent employed, two proved most beneficial: exploring different career paths and doubling down on networking. He emphasized that every pharmacist’s journey is different, so what worked for him may vary for others. Personally, Vincent found networking to be the most challenging yet rewarding area to focus on.

A pivotal moment came when Vincent applied for a position in early December. Through networking, he managed to speak directly with someone within the company. She appreciated their conversation, and within a month, Vincent found himself celebrating a new job. The role of Medical Information Specialist was exactly what he had been searching for, and despite knowing no one at the company initially, he had made a meaningful connection that changed his trajectory.

Now settled into his new role, Vincent can say with honesty that it’s not a perfect job, but it’s a good fit for him. He feels fulfilled and satisfied, which is something he hadn’t experienced in his previous searches.

Reflecting on his journey, Vincent realizes the importance of perseverance and keeping an open mind. Coming from a clinical background, he initially approached The Happy PharmD with skepticism, unsure of what to expect. However, by embracing the process and staying committed, he found it to be incredibly beneficial.

For anyone navigating similar challenges, Vincent’s advice is simple: keep moving forward. Every connection made, every step taken, brings closer to finding the right path. Embrace the uncertainty, trust the process, and be open to unexpected opportunities. That’s how one will find the most meaningful connections and, ultimately, the right career fit.

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