Relocating and Navigating the Pharmacy Job Market Into a New Pharmacy Niche

by | Jan 4, 2020 | Success Story

Nana found out about The Happy PharmD after reading Indispensable  and seeing our work on social media. After reading through the book, she decided to move forward to find a different and more fulfilling career. She was working at a community pharmacy and part-time at a hospital pharmacy, but she wanted more.

When she started, Nana knew she could do more with her pharmacy career. She felt early signs of burnout but was not quite to the point where she wanted to leave pharmacy completely.

She told us “I wanted to find more fulfilling work where I could see the impact of my efforts as a pharmacist. I have so much potential to give, but I feel stuck.”

She also had an impending life change of moving to a new area and was concerned about not hearing back from any job applications online.

After working with her coach, she developed a plan to make a change. Nana received an interview offer a few days after relocating and through interview preparation and confidence building with her coach, she aced the interview. She landed a job with an independent compounding pharmacy in the new area where she was relocating.

Now, “I am doing something that is broadening my skills. I am constantly learning. It is so much more than dispensing. We create products that aren’t available commercially to help patients in an individualized way.”

When asked what she would tell someone about her experience with coaching, Nana states “Do it. Coaching helps with your confidence. My coach helped me understand that I could use the skills that I have to do something different in pharmacy. She helped me feel more valuable and step outside of my comfort zone. I now realize that I bring something different to the table that other people can’t. My coach held my accountable to taking action.”

Nana went on to explain that “sometimes we overlook our own strengths and values – don’t brush over those.” She talked about a lack of confidence being something that really cripples us from thriving.

We always focus on what we can’t do, and we end up not applying to certain pharmacy jobs.”

Where will she go next?

“I now have tools I can utilize from coaching on my next job applications. I am working towards a place in my career where my next job pursues me.”

Nana’s story explains how often we are the only thing holding ourselves back. Let a coach get you out of your own way.

Fast forward a couple of months, Nana has received an additional job offer to be the Pharmacist in Charge of a franchise pharmacy. She is looking forward to implementing clinical services at her practice site and will serve as a role model for other locations.

Her story just keeps getting better. 🙂

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