From Retail to Home Infusion: Brittany’s Journey to Career Fulfillment

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Blog, Success Story

In a recent conversation with Brittany, a pharmacist who made a significant career transition, we delved into her journey from retail management at CVS to a fulfilling role in home infusion as a clinical pharmacist. Her story is not just about changing jobs; it’s about reclaiming professional satisfaction and work-life balance.

Brittany recalls feeling increasingly disillusioned with retail management, where she found herself bogged down by daily operational hassles and a lack of career growth. “I was tired all the time,” she confides. “Constant texts on my days off, always rushing around — it wasn’t sustainable.”

Her job search began tentatively, with around 30 applications sent out before she sought coaching. She reflects, “I had a few interviews, but nothing panned out.” It was the decision to work with a coach that shifted gears for Brittany. “After the coaching program, I was more focused,” she notes. “I applied to fewer places, maybe ten to fifteen, but the quality was different.”

The coaching not only refined her resume and interview skills but also boosted her confidence. “I learned to highlight my strengths,” Brittany explains. “I realized I was capable of more than I gave myself credit for.”

Networking played a crucial role too. A chance encounter at a family wedding led to a referral that opened doors to her current role. “I knew networking was key,” Brittany says. “Before, I wouldn’t have known what questions to ask, but now, I’m more confident reaching out and having those conversations.”

Now settled into her new role in home infusion, Brittany finds herself engaged in critical thinking and professional growth. “It’s different from retail,” she reflects. “I actually have time to think, to use my knowledge.”

Despite taking a pay cut and facing challenges with vacation time, Brittany values the trade-off. “I work 32 hours a week with every Tuesday off,” she shares. “It’s a balance I didn’t have before.”

Looking ahead, Brittany sees this role as a stepping stone to her ultimate goal of transitioning into the pharmaceutical industry. “I’ve gained skills and insights that will help me pivot,” she asserts confidently.

Reflecting on her coaching experience, Brittany highlights the personalized guidance she received. “My coach, Morgan, really opened my eyes,” she says. “She helped me see my accomplishments differently, guided me through tough decisions.”

For anyone considering coaching, Brittany’s advice is clear: “It’s worth it. The guarantee gave me peace of mind, but more than that, it helped me find a job I’m genuinely happy in.”

As Brittany continues to settle into her new routine, she looks forward to what lies ahead. “I want to be able to say I love my job,” she concludes. “That’s what drives me.”

Brittany’s journey is a testament to perseverance, the power of coaching, and the importance of finding a career path that aligns with personal values and goals. Her story inspires us to rethink our own career trajectories, reminding us that with the right support and mindset, change is not just possible — it’s transformative.

At The Happy PharmD, we celebrate Brittany’s success and remain committed to helping pharmacists like her find fulfillment in their careers. If you’re considering a career change or seeking professional guidance, reach out to us today. Your success story could be just around the corner.

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