The Happy PharmD 2022 Q4 Investor Update

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Blog, HPD Updates, Success Story

2022 is OVER! 

*sigh* Thank you.

This update will be shorter than usual. Let’s jump into what happened in Quarter 4.


  • A new vision & mission

“Helping pharmacists create jobs they love” once inspired me when I started HPD in 2017. 

Q4 was spent dreaming a bigger vision. After speaking with our clients, coaches, and team members, I re-captured the same excitement I had when I first started HPD. 

The Happy PharmD gets pharmacists jobs they love!

We are the catalyst to empower pharmacists to transform their self-worth in the marketplace radically. We boldly stand for pharmacists to be recognized for their contribution and valued as human beings. 

Through coaching and top-notch training, we guide pharmacists into better jobs, new career paths, and fulfilling entrepreneurial opportunities. With vision and a 6-year remarkable track record, we are reshaping what it means to be a pharmacist.

And while it may appear like semantics to some, a new and more powerful VISION took shape for our future. 

  • Hire, hire, hire!

Never before have we hired so many people so quickly. Over 6 weeks we identified and hired in 3 areas that need huge improvements to continue growth:

  • Marketing lead
  • Client Success Advocate
  • Content Management

The new team additions are below, and we’re PUMPED for each one to join the team. 

Big Announcements

  • (Repeat) Speaking at APhA 2023 in Phoenix

I announced this last quarter update but wanted to share it again.


Quite a few projects are going on behind the scenes, but nothing we’re able to share (they’re not finished). So it’s business as usual. 


  • Consistency

After multiple reviews, data sets analyzed, and many meetings, we learned one thing is consistent with the business: inconsistency! 

Specifically, our marketing needs to improve in consistency. Our marketing efforts rarely lead to predictable results. I spoke with fractional CMOs, marketing agencies, and fellow business owners this quarter and decided the best way forward is hiring a marketing lead to build HPD’s marketing machine. 

Lessons Learned

  • “Follow your curiosity” as a guideline, not a rule

I lack discernment. It makes me trust people more than I should. It led me to poor decisions (like not having all contractors sign NDAs or non-competes — I paid for that years ago). 

My lack of discernment leads me to follow my curiosity, and sometimes into unexpected and unhelpful ways. 

Team updates

Welcome, Linda Dumas, Ebonee Williams, Nicole Keenan!

Linda – Content Strategist

Linda is a pharmacist and content producer who started with us in late November. December was a rocking month and I’m glad we hired her! 

Ebonee – Marketing Lead

Ebonee was a surprise hire. As Christmas approached, I almost gave up hope on hiring a marketer before 2023. Ebonee was a referral from a previous business coach, Abby Oliver. We met once and immediately clicked! Ebonee has an illustrious background working for Good Morning America.

Nicole Keenan – Client Success Manager

Based on our monthly Wow Meetings (in which we discuss how to wow our client partners), we identified a position sorely needed: Client Success. Nicole will be responsible for assisting clients to get a job they love after coaching sessions. 

A shorter update than usual, but think of it as the “quiet before the storm”… of awesomeness. 

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