Why a Writer Sought Our Help To Improve Her Cover Letter

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Career, Cover Letter, Resume

Before enrolling in my cover letter and interview mastery courses, this pharmacy student lacked confidence.

She knew there were hundreds of students competing for residencies, and she knew the competition was fierce.

So she did the one thing she knew would at least improve her odds, and she signed up for both courses.

As of this interview, she matched with a hospital residency program, and this is her story.

“Before your courses, I wasn’t confident in my writing or interviewing abilities. I love to write. I’m a writer, but I was nervous about using my own writing skills to show the hiring managers who I am.”

She told me that, before the cover letter course, her letter began with the phrase, “I am ready to inform you that…”

“It was super boring and generic. I wasn’t pleased with it but I thought it was what they were looking for. After the course, I changed the entire opening to make it more attention-grabbing. To hook the reader.”

One of the things she loved most about the courses was that they weren’t full of specific outlines or bullet points.

“Your courses give people the tools to personalize their communication. The courses encourage students to look internally and to take the recommended steps and morph them into their own style. “

“I learned from the interview course that I shouldn’t be afraid to express my passions and outline what I’m bringing to the table. The course helped me realize that I have from 2 to 10 minutes to lay everything out on the table for the interviewer.”

She recalled being plagued by a circular feeling at the beginning of the process: full of self-doubt and frustrated that her cover letter wasn’t perfect, and completely aware that she was competing against hundreds of students who were likely more qualified than she was.

“I wasn’t sure whether I should spend the money on the courses, but I wanted to do everything in my power to ensure what I was turning in was the very best it could be.”

The day she found out she matched was a very good day.

“It’s amazing.”

“I’m thrilled to know that this hospital thinks my knowledge and my personality will fit into their program well. It’s really something special to know that all you’ve worked for over 6 or 8 years has finally paid off.”

Looking back, the process that once felt so long and so expensive was worth all the work.

“Writing an effective cover letter feels like a long process. I started in September and didn’t finish until December. It requires a lot of reviewing and collecting your thoughts.”

“These courses taught me to communicate myself and my style in the cover letter and in the interview. They helped me a lot, and they’re absolutely worth the price.”

We’ve been on both sides of the interview process, and we’ve talked with countless industry experts about cover letters and interviews.

We understand the pressure and the uncertainty in both processes, and we have a proven track record of equipping people to ace them both.

We’d love to do the same for you.


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