Pharmacist Transition Series – Getting Into Remote Jobs

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Blog, Career Path, Workplace Matters

On this episode of the Pharmacist Transition Series – Remote Jobs, I am joined by Nupoor Kalke and Sam An. Both of them made amazing transitions to working remotely. Read on to find out the juicy details about their individual stories.

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What was the nature of their previous roles?

Nupoor worked in retail previously for 16 years. She had to cope with trying to meet impossible metrics and working 10 hours daily with no breaks. Furthermore, some thought she would not be able to thrive in another position. She learned about the Happy PharmD from a Facebook group and began working with a coach soon after.

Sam was also in retail for many years after spending a year in regulatory affairs early in his career. His work was stimulating and interesting till the COVID-19 pandemic came along. Soon, he found himself performing other administrative duties alongside his primary role as a pharmacist as his support staff’s reliability dwindled. Initially, he soldiered on believing his circumstances would get better. However, they did not. The turning point came when he nearly forgot his mother’s and dog’s birthdays.

What role did coaching play in their career journey?

Coaching helped them gain clarity, identify their strength, interests, and values and keep them accountable. Because our coaches are pharmacists, they spoke the same language and were more comfortable sharing their fears and concerns. After the coaching period, they both found jobs within a month.

For Sam, freedom was top of his list. He wanted a role where he would have freedom over his schedule and offer financial and job stability. In coaching, he also learned networking. Now, he works as a long-term care consultant.

Nupoor wanted a role where she would utilize her pharmacy knowledge. In coaching, she got to identify the area of pharmacy she loved – Medical Therapy Management (MTM), and the part of her current job she did not like – commuting. Coaching also helped her tailor her resume to MTM roles by highlighting the transferable skills from her many years in retail. Now she works as a clinical care pharmacist, where she gets to do just that.

What are some of the challenges with working remotely?

In Nupoor’s experience, not being onsite means getting access to information in real-time can be difficult. Also, it is hard to hold anyone responsible immediately. As such, it can be time-consuming. Sam highlights coping with an ever-changing schedule and deadlines, wearing multiple hats, and continuously upgrading one’s skill set as the challenges he has faced.

How is life different in a remote position?

Sam and Nupoor highlight how they experience a better work-life balance and job satisfaction, explore their hobbies, volunteer more, and spend more time with family. 


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