Should You Hire a Pharmacist Resume Writer?

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Career, Resume

You've applied to a few jobs here and there. You didn’t let a few rejection letters stop you, and kept submitting applications. After no avail, you assess the problem is your resume. You’ve been doing it yourself, but maybe it’s not your zone of genius. You consider hiring a pharmacist resume writer can get you to stand out for the job, but you're not sure if it's worth it.

Spoiler Alert:

  1. Hiring a resume writer won’t significantly increase your chances if you feel like you haven’t accomplished much in your career.
  2. Reading this may prevent you from spending up to $500 on something you don’t need.
  3. Your problem may be closer to home, and the solution costs nothing to fix.

Pharmacy Resume Writers Don’t Want You to Know…

Resumes give an employer a brief overview of your relevant work history. Managers request your resume because they want to know what you have accomplished. Your resume will provide them with an idea of what you can do for them, and assess whether you're worthy of an interview.

The problem is, employers are overwhelmed. A pharmacist job posting gets dozens to over 100 resumes, of which only four to six are brought in for an interview. Can you stand out easily against 100 other people?

Resumes don't leave strong first impressions. They are essential and required in the hiring process most times, but they're more of a red tape formality than a red carpet invitation. Submitting your resume is part of the process and doesn't impress anymore.

Resume writers provide a professional service that can range from $50 to $500 or higher, depending on their level of experience. There’s nothing wrong with hiring a pharmacy resume writer, however:

  1. Resumes don’t leave strong impressions. Personal connections do.
  2. If your career is unremarkable, your resume will also read unremarkable.

Resumes are important. You can’t get a job without one these days. But they’re no longer distinctive, especially in the saturated pharmacy market. Your resume not only has to stand out in terms of notable achievements, but your first impression has to precede or go well beyond submitting one with your application.

You’ve heard it plenty of times: The best positions are nestled in the hidden job market. While resumes written by professionals may be perceived as better, here are questions to ask yourself to make sure you're truly ready to make an investment.

A Pharmacist Resume Writer is Perfect for This Situation

Pharmacy resume writers are best for those who have an impressive career and hate writing. A resume writer can help this pharmacist create an excellent document that presents the pharmacist in the best light. These applicants will have a clear understanding of where they want to go and why. They can also provide a series of achievements and relevant experience the writer can sculpt into a rich portfolio.

The pharmacist resume writer can work their magic to make a beautiful document for any job.

But if you think your resume feels lack-luster, then it probably is. Here’s what to do...

​How to Fix Your Resume if You Lack Experience

If you're brand new to the pharmacy industry, chances are your resume isn't bad; however, you are inexperienced. You don’t need to hire a resume writer to spruce up what you've already done. Your current resume or college CV will suffice. Everything you’ve done should be fresh in your mind. Nobody else needs to update it.

Have you worked at least one job, yet lack significant accomplishments in your role? Even accomplishments achieved as part of a team or department count. If you can’t beef up your resume with anything more than generic bullet points that don’t highlight anything specific to your ability, that’s a red flag. People rise to their level of incompetence, and you don’t want to be in that populace.

Rewriting your resume won’t hide the fact that you need to up your game. You can get more experience by contributing value where you are. Your resume requires more than visual appeal; you also need a credible career narrative and quantifiable results that distinguish you as a valuable candidate.

The best way to prepare today for the career you want is to bring your best to the table where you are now, but what happens if you’re already burned out at your current environment?


I Hate My Pharmacy Job. There’s Nothing to Contribute. I Don’t Care What You Say.

When you cannot find a job, no matter how hard you push, hiring a resume writer is pointless. Resume writers should be used to help you advance a career you love, not one you currently hate. Why pay for a new paint job on your 1960 Ford pickup when the engine hasn't been maintained? You have to work on the engine first.

Revitalize your career before rejuvenating your resume. How can you develop value where you are? What opportunities are you overlooking your current position that reflects the passion that brought you to the pharmacy industry?

Investing in yourself means something different to everyone. You might increase your value as a candidate by hiring a coach or signing up for a continuing education course. You might also seek to develop good experience through volunteering.

If necessary, you can include non-pharmacy related experience if it supports your character and reputation. People value what you’ve contributed, but they won’t know if you don’t show them who you are, and going beyond the industry can fix that.

If you’re currently unemployed, don’t let an experience gap stop you. There are ways to update your experience while you look for work without spending money on a resume writer.

If you’ve gone through your job history, dug deep, and still don’t have anything worthwhile to proudly share during an interview, check out our Career Masterclass. It's a free one-hour training. You'll discover three steps you can take right now to revitalize your career and make yourself stand out from the crowded pharmacy job market. Link:


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