TrueLearn Review: What Should You Use to Study for the NAPLEX?

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What should you use to study the NAPLEX?

Unless you have unyielding confidence or haven’t spoken to any of your classmates, you’re probably aware that NAPLEX passing rates have been pretty abysmal in recent years.

When I studied for the NAPLEX back in 2012, I made practically all of the mistakes that most students make and still passed. Luckily, I re-read my notes and had a great memory.

But things have changed since then. NAPLEX upped the ante shortly after I graduated. In 2012, when I took the exam, the Naplex passing rate was 96.8%. In 2018, it dropped to 89.1%.

The NAPLEX is 250 questions, of which a significant number are experimental, which means they don’t count. Regardless, that’s still 200 questions you need to know. This can be alarming.

Maybe you’re not freaking out about the NAPLEX, but you know the pharmacy job market is competitive. You know passing the NAPLEX is essential, because it helps you get a job. You can’t risk not passing if it means being unable to find work when you graduate.

Most people prepare for big exams by reading books for hours. They may pause their cram sessions with breaks from time to time, but they plug on in a vicious cycle day in and day out until exam day.

This strategy feels productive but it doesn’t work. Studies show students who only review material don’t perform as well as students who practice taking the exam with test bank questions.

I wish I had TrueLearn when I studied for the NAPLEX. TrueLearn’s exam-based test preparation comes with a comprehensive test bank and strategies designed for memory retention.

I met TrueLearn at a conference recently and liked that they have a different approach to medical testing than most medical professionals have been experienced. They cut their teeth on physicians but have newly created an innovative test bank resource for the NAPLEX.

What follows is my review of TrueLearn’s NAPLEX test prep system. My review is not paid nor sponsored by TrueLearn; however, they’ve given me a coupon code for you to use.

If you like this review and are interested in trying TrueLearn, you’ll be able to save 50% with this code. I’ll also make a small commission, which further supports The Happy PharmD.

What I Love About TrueLearn

TrueLearn provides a data-driven approach to medical exam preparation. I took a practice test myself, and my results weren’t great. I didn’t remember anything. I bombed plenty of questions and didn’t know where to review first.

That’s where TrueLearn’s unique functionality takes over. After taking the practice test,

TrueLearn sent personalized SmartTexts regarding my weak spots (which were many). These texts were customized to my score to help me reinforce items to memory (thank God I don’t have to take the NAPLEX again).

Considering the reminders were sent at spaced intervals, they were helpful enough to remind me of the topics that I needed a little bit of work on, but without feeling burned out or overwhelmed in the process.

TrueLearn SmartTexts are always customized to your test results, with a focus to support areas of improvement. You won’t get these messages right away. They’ll stagger in just a few days after your practice test, and they’re a great way to improve memory retention over time.

TrueLearn has Great Test Bank Questions with Detailed Explanations

TrueLearn provides detailed explanations with every question. When you take the practice exam, every answer comes with comments that go into great detail about the material that they’re covering.

Each item not only explained the correct answer in great detail but also went on to explain why the other answer choices are incorrect. This is critical when it comes to truly learning the material and being able to recall it again in the future You’ll always know the clinical message or critical thinking step needed to get to the proper conclusion.

TrueLearn Greatly Improves Your Testing Ability

After speaking with several people who’ve taken and passed the NAPLEX, I’ve learned your therapeutics classes cover a lot of what you need to know. Most people need help applying their knowledge in a test-taking environment. Yes, the adage is true: people are horrible test takers.

With TrueLearn, you are in a practice exam environment. You’ll develop the confidence you need to take the test well in advance. You will begin to focus, improve on topics you’re not so great at, and get those extra tips that you will need before taking your NAPLEX.

TrueLearn Has a Great Price Point

I’m also a big fan of the price. Here’s a comparison chart of the leading NAPLEX review prep materials and their test bank questions.

I took the number of questions that each product had, and then I compared it to the price starting on the left at the lowest price is Kaplan and then Board Vitals, TrueLearn, High Yield and RxPrep.

Here’s the cool thing: TrueLearn has given me a unique link to take 50% off this price. Technically, they should be at the beginning.

As you can see, the more you pay, the more questions you typically pay for, which is great. But again, if you take advantage of our code, you get a sweet deal – 50% off – which means you will receive a more considerable amount of questions for the price point.

It’s also fair to note: most, if not all, of these products are based on a finite period, which is kind of the way the competition is going.

Here’s One Thing You May Not Like About TrueLearn

TrueLearn has one drawback: there’s no guidebook. If you’re looking for a hefty

1,500-page resource of NAPLEX study material, TrueLearn doesn’t provide that.

But I don’t think it’s essential. Here’s why.

Guidebooks provide a very passive way of trying to learn. TrueLearn takes an active approach by focusing on learning science techniques like spaced repetition, which is used in conjunction with the SmartTexts I discussed earlier.

TrueLearn’s customized quizzing tool does a great job reviewing missed questions and the answers at set intervals to increase long-term memory retention of key points and information.

You can use keyword searches to hone in on topics of interest where improvement is needed. And while it’s not a typical full-scale suite of products, TrueLearn’s in-depth answer explanations and clickable hyperlinks provide detailed references that are almost like reading a book.

You know everything you need to know to pass. You have to practice passing the test.

Passing the NAPLEX comes down to your ability to apply your knowledge in a practical testing session, which TrueLearn provides. Every question goes through an editorial control process to ensure they match the NAPLEX blueprint for style and medical accuracy, so it’s as close to the real thing as you can get.

I think TrueLearn’s NAPLEX test prep system is an excellent investment. With the way the market is right now, you don’t want to risk not passing the NAPLEX.

I’ve talked to too many pharmacists who don’t have a job because they didn’t pass the NAPLEX. Don’t let this be you.

I hate to say this or bring up dismal topics like this, but this is the reality of the pharmacy job market today. I do not like talking to pharmacists in this position because it’s painful for me, and it hurts.

That’s why I’m here to say do not take any chances when it comes to passing the NAPLEX. Do everything you can to pass. I believe TrueLearn can help, but the decision is yours.

TrueLearn would love to help with your NAPLEX endeavors. They’re offering 50% off their standard prices – which you take advantage of today. Use code HPD (or click here) and receive 50% off your price. Get this as soon as possible, if you can. It’s 50% off now, but it won’t stay this way forever.

If you believe TrueLearn could help you with the NAPLEX, like this review, or have a specific question about TrueLearn, reach out and let me know.

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