Unwrapping the Job You Want – Special Holiday Session

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In this special Q&A holiday session, I am joined by Eric Wilson, one of our Growth Advisors in The Happy PharmD and we talked about searching for a job during the holiday season. Read to the end to find out why it is important to have this frank conversation and the strategies you can employ, backed by research and experience working with over 2000 pharmacists, to land a fulfilling role.

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Why is it important to have this conversation?

Many pharmacists are currently in roles that prevent them from spending quality time with family and friends, especially during the holiday season. Although due to the nature of the profession, pharmacists may have to work during the holidays. However, they should be adequately compensated and not have to work constantly during holidays or vacations.  

What specifically is wasting the most amount of time right now?

Doing research and not taking action. Looking around on LinkedIn, Indeed, and job boards is a time waster, especially during the holidays. While researching a company is important before interviews, if you are only looking at these platforms, you are competing with everyone else, which limits your chances of landing the job.

What does a successful job seeker do during the holidays?

You lean into the holiday feel. Attend celebrations, get-togethers, and hour parties and utilize them to make meaningful connections. By leveraging these events, you can get on the radar of employers early in the year. Having these conversations also shows you value learning, and you can develop robust and profitable long-term relationships from these encounters.

What are companies doing during the holidays?

Companies spend time preparing. It would help if you were doing the same thing. Work on your resumes, build your career portfolio and apply/get ready to apply. Additionally, be top of mind for hiring recruiters. Apply the power of job crafting to create a new job after communicating your strategy for solving a problem in the firm.

What should the job seeker do regarding resumes, Linkedin, and networking?

Recap all you have accomplished in the past year. Doing so will help you properly document your milestones in your resume and mention them during the interviews, even if you do not want to be on Linkedin or network. You can utilize the Happy PharmD Year Guide in doing so. Additionally, get a high-quality recent professional headshot for your Linkedin profile picture. Regarding networking, regularly send messages randomly to a friend or acquaintance to check in on them. It does not necessarily have to be someone who can offer you a job. Regularly doing so helps build the habit of making connections. You are building a poor career reputation if you do so only when looking for a job.


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